BrightSpring Announces New Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone is taking the world of baking by storm. BrightSpring’s new silicone baking mat shows exactly why everybody’s talking about it.

Online PR News – 04-July-2013 – Portsmouth/VA – Exactly what do you hate about baking? Burnt edges, fiddly parchment paper, scrubbing your pans?

Exactly what do you LOVE about baking? Stunning scents filling your house, the joy of seeing your kids’ faces light up at the sight of fresh-baked cookies, the fulfillment of honest home-made food?

A BrightSpring silicone baking mat will allow you to enjoy all the pleasures satisfactions of cooking without the inconvenience.

The robust silicone-coated fiberglass design means it can be utilized again and again, making it far more economical than parchment paper. The non-stick surface enables food to slide off easily and when you are done, just wipe it clean with soapy water.

According to a BrightSpring representative, "Silicone is quickly becoming an essential kitchen area necessity. While conventional non-stick may appear good enough, it can be harmed quickly and is never quite as non-stick as you think! We have all been left sweating over burnt-on grease that you just cannot scrub or soak off your favored pan. The silicone-coated fiberglass design of the BrightSpring baking mat makes it resilient, flexible and completely multi-functional".

And a silicone baking mat isn't just kind to your wallet; it's good to your heart too. As there is no need to grease pans, you can leave all that oil out of your dish creating healthier eating without compromising on flavor.

Obviously, cookies are not the only thing that these mats can be used for. The mat is safe for freezing, microwaves and toaster ovens as well as your conventional oven. Cook any sweet or savory dish on it, make candy on it, or knead dough on it.

"It makes baking simple. The BrightSpring baking mat is not just another meaningless kitchen gadget, when you have one you'll quickly wonder how you ever survived without it. It'll become a household essential" In fact, BrightSpring is convinced that this product will quickly become a staple item in practically everybody's household.

A company representative states that "The BrightSpring baking mat is ideal for so much more than baking cookies. Forget flouring surfaces, forget fiddly parchment paper. Forget all that dull washing up!".

Baking is a true art to those who enjoy it, however sadly that art can come with all kinds of headaches that you 'd rather forget when you are in your element in the kitchen. BrightSpring’s non-stick baking mat will help baking to truly become a family affair once again, with everybody looking forward to coming home to the smell of fresh cookies.