Apple Users and Enthusiasts Are Now Provided with the Latest Hangout
07/04/2013 is an Apple community and social network for all Apple enthusiasts to join and interact with each other, create blogs, groups, forums, make friends and more.

Online PR News – 04-July-2013 – New York – A new social network site has recently been introduced to the public for all apple fans and users. The site, known as is an apple community that invites people to be part of a group that talks all about Apple- the latest apple products, concerns, fun experiences and many more. This growing online community gathers people of the same interest (all about Apple) to discuss what they think, share knowledge about favorite gadgets, exchange messages about technical issues and update each other on new apple products in the personalized forums.

This site makes an exclusive world of all apple users and enthusiasts. It features blogs where apple members can create their own website using WordPress in the fastest way possible for free. In the dashboard, Facebook settings may be configured, review statistics in own website and allow advertising in one’s blog for a possible good income.iOS blogging is also available so anyone can already make an access straight from the personal mobile phones. Another feature is the apple groups that look into different products and services. With this, personal groups may also be created where friends and other iPhone blogger can be invited to join. The next one is the apple forum where everyone can discuss topics within the apple community. Apple forums are good venues to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge and the latest news that everyone might be interested to know. And finally, it has an activity stream where the members can check all the newest blog posts and updates or simply just spy on who are online or are just recently registered.

This Apple social network site just simply prevents boredom in all aspects. It also offers a reward and loyalty program where its members can earn points that can be used to get discounts, redeem prizes and free gifts. As mentioned by the site, this is so easy to acquire as this can only be through visiting the site, commenting on blogs, involving it in social sharing sites like Facebook and Twitter and by just being a part of various site activities. Monitoring points is one easy thing because the acquired points are all visibly posted under the member’s name.

Aside from all the fun that this site offers, this one is also highly informative. Apple members will surely have no regrets in joining this apple community. Since it’s an Apple-based site, this always makes the prompt and latest updates of the newest apple product or productsto be released in the market. The updates are always highly reliable as all of them come from Apple company itself. In their every product news come images, stipulations of technological features and designs. No one will really be disappointed in waiting for what’s new to come.

Looking into the contents of the site, it simply shows the miles that Apple has gone.The growing popularity of the company has undeniably invited people to not only purchase their products but to be a part in an exclusive venue where interest- apple gadgets, can be highlighted through an advanced online community that do not require service payments, and an online community that feels every member’s needs and concerns in relation to the latest brand of choice.

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