CNL and Geoquip enter Strategic Technology Partnership

CNL, a world leader in developing Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, announces it has formed a strategic technology partnership with Geoquip Ltd, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of electronic Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems.

Online PR News – 06-June-2010 – – Geoquip have a suite of industry leading products in key security areas including detection, detection/prevention, system management, instant & portable and permanent systems.

The partnership through CNL’s Technology Alliance Programme (TAP), will ensure Geoquip products such as Defensor™ are certified to work with IPSecurityCenter™. Certification will facilitate bi-directional communication of rich alarm information directly with IPSecurityCenter, allowing intelligence from other systems such as video surveillance and access control to be used to verify alarms. Once an alarm has been verified, these systems can work intelligently using workflow technology through a Common Operating Picture (COP) to manage and resolve an incident for the best outcome to any situation.

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, VP of Professional Services at CNL comments “The perimeter is the first and arguably the most significant barrier to protecting any security facility. One of the biggest challenges to managing any perimeter is the dynamic nature of it’s environments. Numerous genuine alarm triggers such as authorised personnel, maintenance contractors and security patrols are continuously passed to the control room. Responding to all of these events is unfeasible, so a method of quickly aggregating intelligence from all security systems is required to verify and prioritise each incident.

“The ability to filter and prioritise different alarms significantly increases operational efficiency, to provide better response times leading to increased protection that is required by End Users. Our partnership will enable security control rooms to receive comprehensive alarm information, allowing the intelligent management of all perimeter alarms.”

Martin Scott, Managing Director of Geoquip adds “Security managers are constantly balancing the day-to-day activities of security operations with the need to create a forward looking security strategy. One of the biggest hurdles for them is often the siloed nature of all of their security systems. Our relationship with CNL will enable them to select these two leading technologies, knowing that they will give them a seamless solution that increases day-to-day effectiveness whist providing ongoing opportunities to drive down security risk and reduce costs.

“We will now work together to market this joint solution to range of applications including defence establishments, prisons and secure hospitals, ports, government institutions, retail and distribution depots, oil, gas and nuclear installations, airports and cross-country border posts as well as numerous blue chip companies.”

The TAP program was initiated by CNL to allow interoperability between disparate security technologies, giving End Users the ability to create optimised solutions for risk reduction within their organisations. It provides TAP partners with a Device Driver Kit (DDK) to allow faster and deeper integration within the CNL Partner Ecosystem.