Longer Loan Term and Lower Monthly Payment – Reality with Rapid Car Loans

Rapid Car Loans knows the difficulties of buying a new car. High monthly payments make it impossible to own a car. But, now you can fulfill your car dream easily. The company offers longer loan terms which enable you to lower your monthly payments.

Online PR News – 03-July-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Cars and car loans have become equivalent. And, when it comes to affordable auto financing programs, Rapid Car Loans is the company to apply with. Past several years, the company has been introducing pioneering ideas like no money down auto loans and no co-signer car loans. This year has been no different in terms of innovation it has brought highly unconventional “8 Year Loan Terms”.

Experian Automotive March 2013 report divulged information about the average loan terms. The average terms have increased to an all-time high of 65 months. But, the company has gone ahead and made auto financing easier by offering 96 month loan terms.

Why are Loan Terms becoming longer?

The report also disclosed the rise in new car loan amount. The average new auto loan amount for Q4 2012 has increased by $272. This shows that car prices are rising steadily which makes it difficult to buy a new car. But, Rapid Car Loans aims at fulfilling car dreams of every American and that’s why; it decided to extend loan term on new car loans.

Benefits of Longer Car Loan Terms

• Buying your Dream Car

It is not possible for everyone to buy a new car because of high monthly payments. But, longer loan terms ensure affordability. This gives you the opportunity of buying any car you want.

• Lower Payments

If you opt for shorter loan term, you have to deal with high payments. But, longer loan terms allow you to lower your monthly payments. This means you will experience considerable ease in making payments. An example will make things clear. If you buy a car for $35,000 at 4% for 4 years, monthly payments will be $790.27. And, if you extend the loan term to 8 years, payments will be approximately $426.62.

• Regular Payments can improve your Credit Score

A 7-8 year loan term is a big responsibility. If you are able to make regular payments, your credit score will definitely increase. It will also show lenders of your commitment and financial capacity.

So, many benefits with just one company – Rapid Car Loans! Grab this stunning opportunity and become a proud owner of a brand new car today!

About the Company

Rapid Car Loans is the perfect auto financing partner for every new car buyer. Get highly customized new car loans and get an opportunity of making highly affordable payments. Apply now and enjoy no obligation free loan quotes.

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