Datacenter.Pro Offers Proficient Data Center, Colocation and Business Broadband Services in London

Datacenter.Pro offers excellent Data Center, Business Broadband, Rack Space and London Colocation services to its clients at affordable rates. It offers proficient services to its customers with the help of an expertise team who work 24X7 to offer best services in London.

Online PR News – 03-July-2013 – 3 July 2013, London, UK – Datacenter.Pro London provides a wide variety of Data Center services to its world-wide customers. Depending on the enforcement and the complexity of Service Level Agreements (SLA's) the services can be categorized as managed and unmanaged services. The data center is well designed with state of the art facility competes the international standards. Data Center acts as the backbone of various information systems. It comprises of interconnected components and heavy computer systems.

The services provided by Datacenter.Pro London has highly sophisticated infrastructure with world class technology and latest innovative solutions. Even when the equipments are in service or maintenance, the data center delivers non-stop follow-up and services. The data centers are constructed environment friendly with sufficient energy.

The Datacenter.Pro London is provided with different capacity systems with real time monitoring service. The service Level Agreements are taken care of at any time. This is done with the help of world class infrastructure of the Data center and its advanced solutions.

Why to select Datacenter.Pro

Uninterrupted Power Supply:

The data center offers its clients nonstop power supply ensuring 99.995 % up-time.
Carrier Neutral:

Without worrying about network accessibility, you can host your critical IT projects and applications. The network has dual paths which are always active, so if any occurrence of downtime, the problem is easily rectified

The security of IT infrastructure is considered as essential criteria for a Data Center. All the necessary measures are taken to protect the data and applications from various threats.

Cost Benefits:

Data acquisition and transfer is a very critical need for all business today. And so the need for data center with various advanced options are available. Datacente.Pro delivers their products with value for money and so the customers are much benefited economically.

SLA with very least downtime:

Datacenter.Pro London provides SLA with 99.995% up-time.

Datacenter.Pro London focuses mainly on customers benefit and delivers its services with standard and certified procedures. It delivers the Data center services with complete optimized solutions leading to updated service levels at reduced cost. This enables the customers to focus on their business developments.

Data Center Services
The services provided by the Data Center are customer oriented assuring quality services within the scheduled time at a competitive rate.
The Data center addresses the following needs
• Advanced Monitoring services
• Consolidation of Data Cent re
• Automation
• Robust deployment methods
• Innovative IT infrastructure services
• Delivery based on ITIL framework
Business Broadband services

London Colocation Services

Companies with medium size IT engaged in Internet oriented businesses prefer to have London colocation services. The London service center allows the customers to concentrate its IT staff on the work carried out instead of the logistical support.

The London collocation service offers cabinets, customer dedicated data centers shared and dedicated colocation modules. The London services at Datacenter.Pro supports customer on 24/7 basis.

• Datacenter.Pro delivers excellently managed London services where the customers can have flexibility and full control of the server and applications. The London Service team will look after the monitoring services and power management, security and network connectivity.
• Transparent, scalable and flexible solutions are offered by London service team.
• The mission critical data is backed up by well managed cost effective solution
• The London Colocation services focuses on high responsiveness at a minimum cost.

Datacenter.Pro is a competent data center with standard certified procedures and having proven good experience in deployment.

The London Colocation services at Datacenters.Pro are highly secured, environmental friendly facilities to preserve the network, critical data, applications dedicated for the server and communication assets. The facilities of the London Colocation are built with 2N standard assuring no failure even in single point. Thus you have high level of trustworthy in London Colocation services offered at this concern.

Special features of Datacenter.Pro London and London Colocation

The London Colocation service is featured with state of the Art Network Operation Center, advanced monitoring system and competent security.

• Superior quality fire suppression systems
• Transformers and generators with redundant utility
• Industry leading Service Level Agreements covers all Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), main switch panels, PDU and UPS
• The tenants’ equipments are controlled by the cages and cabinets of the London Colocation team.
• Electrical ground with low impedance
• Air condition facility is provided by the London Colocation center for the computer and telecommunications equipment.
• In addition to generator, battery backup system is also installed to face any power failures and London Colocation is the best Colocation provider.

The staff of the London Colocation are seasoned administrators and engineers provide a full fledged managed services such as Security, storage, network, OS management, DBA, middle server management etc. The London colocation service is self contented with all talents that can handle any type of issues.

When you have invested in IT infrastructure protected by Datacenter.Pro London, then you need not worry for you are supported by trusted London Colocation service. Whatever may be the potential risks, such as hardware failures, service attacks, viruses, disgruntled employees, hurricanes, storms, floods.

The Data centre has a broad set up of technical and operational expertise for various data centre solutions, physical security, data centre structure, colocation, contract negotiations, data centre infrastructure cost estimation, green data centre services.
Provision for Disaster Recovery Services

Datacente.Pro offers you the disaster recovery where you need not feel about the destruction of the critical data. In order to safeguard the information and technology, Disaster recovery planning is essential. While many large organizations avoid implementing large scale disaster recovery services Datacenter.Pro in its DR planning includes the simple tasks such as

1. Find the risks involved
2. Prompt and positive approach to the potential problem
3. Create a responsible response to the potential problem

Datacenter.Pro offers Disaster Recovery service which is customized according to the customer’s requirements. And the advantages of the services of Datacenter.Pro are

• Similar security like the primary website,
• Uninterrupted Power supply
• Wider Disaster Recovery coverage options, customized Data Center solutions according to the customer needs
• Customer realizes the cost efficiency with the DR models
• Highly Skilled team is provided
• The customer’s Data Center site is up and starts running within a few hours of the disaster.
• The data centers are highly connected with fail proof network.

Intelligent and Proactive Datacenter.Pro London
A secured and safe data centre is very much necessary in the modern world. Datacenter.Pro London offers such a facility and safeguards all the operations all the time. Only a secured data centre can provide the necessary security in your place yielding maximum productivity, efficiency and customers’ trust. Having this mind, Datacenter.Pro London is built with all those special modules, supports to protect the data and applications from threats.

Alarming systems:

Provided with automated monitoring software, protects the data continuously by raising the alarm in case of unusual happenings.


To ensure external structure security, it provides modules with Galvanized steel shell and very hardened tops

Access Control:

It checks and controls the accessing of the data by the users with special software ensuring only the privileged and authorized staff can access the confidential

Data Storage:
The real time monitoring system keeps the data in a central depository for analyzing it later when needed.

The security is always assured because of its standard operating procedures.
Business Broadband Services

Business broadband Internet is the medium of the future business for work communications, knowledge acquisition and entertainment.
It is the time for you to switch over to high speed wireless Business broad band services. The service is customized to the user needs, enjoy a host of tailor made solutions such as dedicated speeds, uninterrupted connection, and value added features with 24 hours 7 days support

Why to opt for Business Broadband services of Datacenter.Pro?

Datacenter.Pro London offers a unique single interface that are

• Expert support with global technology
• Widespread coverage
• Consultative approach
• Converging voice-data-video network
• Customized solutions as per the customer needs
• Dedicated customer services
• Business Broadband beneficial packages

Attractive Plans on Business Broadband services

Business Broadband Services of Datacenter.Pro London offers a wide variety of plans from limited plans to unlimited plans according to the customer requirements.

Value Added Services:

To attract the customers,provides Value Added Services such as Educational Packages, Utility Bill Payment, Travel Ticket Booking, Mobile recharge and many more
Multiple Renewal Options: The customers can renew their Business Broadband account through various renewal options available. During renewal any plan of your choice can be accepted.

24 hours support:

A team of well expertise, dedicated and highly qualified customer support executives are readily available at any time to serve the customers. There are multiple options to contact the team through phone, email or SMS

Reliable Speed:

The plans are of high speed with 99.9% up-time and uninterrupted connectivity

Advantages of Business Broad band services

Business Broadband with Unlimited capacity:

The Business Broadband is genuinely unlimited and so they will never face usage limits or charges.

Premier Business Broadband services: It will never slow down your business data activities and so it is never affected by peak period of congestion.

Upstream Capacity:

Business Broadband offers the best performance to keep the organization function non-stop and running smoothly. If lot of data transfer is done by using FTP or cloud computing by using some of the services, they do not provide you enough capacity for upstream. But Datacenter.Pro offers powerful services which is non-stop.

Datacenter.Pro was started 5 years back with the view of offering excellent Data Center and other services in London, UK for its clients in an uninterrupted manner.

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