Alvo Group, Inc. - Web Design New York Firm Utilizes a Unique, Custom-made CMS (Content Management System) for Clients’ High-security, High-performance Sites

Why companies using third-party, open source applications are risking security—and hurting profits?

Online PR News – 03-August-2009 – – August 2, 2009 (NEW YORK) – Everyone has heard the real-world horror stories. An insurance company’s website is compromised and thousands of medical records are stolen. An ecommerce retailer adopts a new CMS, but it’s completely incompatible with their other systems: their site crashes, and tens of thousands of dollars are lost in revenues. In reality, these stories have the same cause: third-party, open source CMS’s are often underperforming, have poor security features, or are incompatible with a company’s other systems.

While these stories are common, they are a non-issue for clients of prominent NYC web design, web development, and internet marketing firm Alvo Group, Inc. ( ). The company has developed a unique, proprietary CMS which they use on all client projects. This high-security, high-performance system eliminates the need for less trustworthy, third-party open source applications—and cuts down dramatically on excess costs, lost man hours (and headaches for companies’ management).

According to Vladimir Khaykin, CEO, his CMS was borne out of necessity. His high-end clients—who are often in the medical, ecommerce, real estate website design, and finance fields—were looking for a better alternative to third-party applications. So Vladimir set about perfecting his own better-performing CMS.

The results have been staggering: Alvo Group, Inc. helped one hospital become fully HIPAA-compliant in under 30 days—just in time for an audit—meeting additional security levels, for a fully-functioning, unique patient medical record and management system. Another client, a high-volume ecommerce retailer is saving tens of thousands of dollars annually by having the power to implement changes to their site themselves, and when they want to.

Alvo Group is also experts in SEO (search engine optimization). This helps the company promote its clients on Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search engines. They also offer a suite of services, from performance analysis, keyword placement and link submission packages, to optimization, PPC placement, affiliate marketing, email advertising, articles, and 'big picture' strategies. “Our clients appreciate our SEO expertise. They no longer think of us as a ‘cost:’ instead we become a very valuable profit center in their business models. Through our efforts, we actually help their bottom line—often dramatically,” Vladimir states. One client, a real estate firm, saw monthly revenues increase 20% after a relatively affordable SEO campaign.

These successes have helped Alvo Group grow at an impressive rate. Currently, the firm has 17 full-time employees, with plans to expand in the near future. However, more important than the number of employees is their expertise level: all employees have more 7 years of experience; several have more than 14 years of experience.

While Alvo Group (Web Design New York) is leading the field, the company is not content to rest on its laurels. Company management spends considerable time and money to keep its marketing team up to date with all the new search engine’s algorithm developments—which translates to profits for clients. This company-wide dedication to continual improvement means continually-increasing value for the firm’s clients. And while these clients may not understand the technology behind this unique CRM—they truly appreciate the increased profits and security it brings their businesses.

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