24Seven Shopping Cart Integrates with Retail Pro Point of Sale

LAN Services, the maker of 24Seven Cart web store platform, has finally resolved the long-standing issue of managing point of sales (POS) operation by integrating and launching 24Seven Cart with Retail Pro point of sales.

Online PR News – 03-July-2013 – San Jose, CA – Point of sale system is definitely assisting millions of retailers in their day-to-day retail management operations. Managing sales, inventories, price adjustments and promotions are the biggest advantages of having a point of sale in the retail store.
However, increased retail sales also demands additional capabilities from the point of sale systems like shipping integration, customer service ability, social media integration for promotion, advance mail management, sales returns etc. In order to resolve these issues, LAN services has launched 24Seven shopping cart integrated with Retail Pro point of sale.

Now the retailers need not to worry about multi-store point of sale operations as they can integrate 24seven cart with any number of retail point of sale. Additionally, the recurring problem of signing-in the point of sale systems while sharing a large amount of information is also resolved.

Integrating Retail Pro with 24Seven Cart offers ability to pass and update information regarding inventories and customers simultaneously on both the systems. It helps in immediately uploading product and fulfillment data on the web stores and downloads the customer orders to Retail Pro Point of sale. Synchronized Retail Pro with 24Seven Cart mechanizes and schedules the various inventory updates like price and quantity, product attributes and out-of-stock items.

Additional features of 24Seven Cart and Retail Pro integration are:
Automates information sharing between two different platforms.
Updates point of sale inventory on different marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.
Generates various reports on sales, payments, shipping etc.
Eliminates manual data entry.

This integration has added capabilities to various areas of retail management like catalog management, order processing & material management and payment processing & shipping management.