China welcomes experts from Europe

The Chinese state of Beijing is looking for experts to design and implement state projects for sustainable development

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China welcomes experts from Europe
– The Chinese state of Beijing is looking for experts to design and implement state projects for sustainable development –
The Office for State Administration of Foreign Experts in Beijing has commissioned the London based environmental consulting company, Carbon Solutions Global Ltd (CSG) to create and maintain a sophisticated database of experts, that will help Beijing in the development and implementation of sustainable and environmental projects. CSG has established relationships and links with mainly Eastern-European experts who have gained knowledge and experience in Europe and could effectively contribute to the success of the Far Eastern state’s environmental and sustainability efforts.
The agreement was concluded during a meeting in Beijing, where Ms. Chen Pei, head of the State Administration of Foreign Experts, and, representing CSG, its owner Mr. Qu Lei, Peter Gaspar CEO and Dr. Csaba Fogarassy leading climate expert were present.
For CSG, co-operation in the implementation of Chinese environmental projects is an exceptionally high priority since China is a major emitter of greenhouse gases, the negative environmental impacts of which may cause world-wide problems both in the short term and long term. By introducing knowledge and technologies developed in Europe we can deliver considerable and measurable improvements to China’s sustainable development.
In addition to building and maintaining the expert data base and IT platform, CSG is also involved in coordinating the ’transfer of knowledge and technologies’ from selected experts. This will include shortlisting individual experts for the selection process, organizing travel, accommodation and work permits for successful candidates and providing aid in any official administration duties relating to their stay in China.
CSG is calling for experts holding degrees in energetics and environmental protection with experience, who wish to meet the challenge of working in a China by utilizing all the knowledge they have gained in Europe.
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