Koyal Group Advises Investors On Stable Japanese Economy

Edward Neilson C.E.O. at equity researcher Koyal Group has today advocated the Japanese investment markets supporting comments made by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – Tokyo, Japan – TOKYO, Japan -- Following two consecutive decades of economic slump, Japan is now seen by many analysts at Koyal Group and elsewhere as an attractive market for investment, with strong potential to generate capital growth.

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister today made confident statements regarding his attempts to stimulate the Japanese economy via government spending, and wider growth strategy implementation. Recently conducted research by Koyal Group supports the fact that this positive perception of the Japanese economy is shared within the wider global investment community.

“For many years the Japanese economy has been slow, offering little growth potential to investors, and more recently more risk than most investors were prepared to stomach, but as we enter 2013 investors are beginning to see Japan once again as a thriving economy destined to achieve great things over the coming years.” Mr Stephen Cole, Director of Private Equity.

According to Mr Edward Neilson Chief Executive Officer at Koyal Group, the Japanese markets are a primary focus not only for Tokyo based Koyal Group, but for many equity research companies worldwide due to the fact that the Japanese markets now offer an excellent risk ratio.

Koyal Group continues to advise all clients at this stage to consider investment in the Japanese markets. “We believe Shinzo Abe has done extremely well in stimulating the Japanese economy which has grown by 55% since he was elected, and as a result of this much of our research spending has been directed at NIKKEI listed stocks” said Mr Joseph Samuels Jnr, Head of Principle Investments at Koyal Group.

Whilst risks are ever present in all investment markets, Japan with so much confidence at this point in time is well positioned to finally emerge from the economic slump it has suffered, and Koyal Group means to give its investors an opportunity to share in the forecasted Japanese economic growth.