Nuretix Research Labs, LLC Introduces New Store - Plans Interactive Support Functions

Innovative Liporidex Weight Loss Supplement Website Upgraded to Meet Demands

Online PR News – 05-June-2010 – – San Diego, California – June 7, 2010 – Nuretix Research Labs announces the addition of new support functions to its website for Liporidex customers

New store and webpages now have the ability to remember purchases and allows customers to save with special coupons that can be entered on the order form.

Customer feedback praising results achieved with top selling Liporidex weight loss supplement has been overwhelming. Reporting weight loss of 20 lbs, 30 lbs or more, customers have been encouraged to submit their success stories and questions to Dr. Emeka Okwuje, board certified physician, fitness expert and CEO at Nuretix Research Labs.

Recognizing the need of dieters to connect with others in the same circumstances to share goals and results, Dr. Okwuje announced the upcoming launch of a private forum and social area which will allow Liporidex users to interact with each other.

By offering tips, asking for help and comparing results, customers can provide support to other dieters and receive words of encouragement when needed. Recently, Liporidex customers have requested the ability to interact with others who are pursuing the same goal of a leaner, healthier lifestyle and the forum will provide the perfect place for them to meet.

In recent years, a growing awareness of the connection between obesity and poor health clearly highlighted the need for a high quality product that effectively delivers quick weight loss, yet also provides treatment properties focused on preserving the DNA health of the user.

Liporidex is the result of many years of testing and development at Nuretix. The goal was to develop a weight loss supplement that combined the properties of a diet pill with health boosting qualities. Led by Dr. Okwuje, a specialist team of researchers and medical professionals developed a product using an all natural formula. The resulting diet supplement is packed with powerful antioxidants and a blend of vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining daily health and preventing disease.

Liporidex is unique both in the diet pill industry and in the health wellness marketplace. The all natural weight-loss formula is paired with ingredients that provide anti-aging benefits, elevate mood and greatly increase the energy level of the user without the jittery side effects so often encountered with diet pills.

Liporidex does not simply reduce hunger pangs. The formula provides a fat burning powerhouse that helps the body burn fat more efficiently and is especially useful in reduction of hard to lose abdominal fat.

To do this, the product combines potent fat-fighting ingredients found in nature. CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), Phenylethelamine (Chocolate extract), green tea (EGCG), biter orange extract, cayenne pepper, soy isoflavones, essential vitamins and minerals to include calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium, zinc and manganese provide powerful antioxidants and fat burning capabilities. The careful balance of the all natural formulation of Liporidex acts to increase the overall health of the user even as they quickly make progress toward their weight goals.

About Nuretix Research Laboratories, LLC

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Nuretix Research Labs is a privately owned and operated company that develops, manufactures and sells innovative naturopathic supplements, fat burners and herbal weight loss pills. Founded in 2007 by its principal owner, Dr. Emeka Okwuje, Nuretix Research Labs strives to provide a limited selection of proven, scientifically researched and doctor formulated naturopathic remedies and supplements that adhere to the core idea of preserving health and wellness by promoting good DNA health and avoiding DNA damage.

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