Geeks On Site Joins Green Movement with Paperless System

Computer support company pledges to phase out traditional printed mail and payment methods

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – Miami, Florida – MIAMI, FLORIDA - Geeks On Site, which provides extensive computer support across many platforms, is one of the latest companies to join the “green movement” by announcing advanced billing methods and recycling procedures.

Being a part of the technology industry going green is a big deal here at our organization

As part of the company’s new green initiative, Geeks On Site is working to go paperless, and recycling any printed pages. In addition, the company does not accept invoices by mail, only emails. One of Geeks On Site’s biggest draws is that customers work closely with employees to remedy any computer issues via an encrypted connection. This saves time and energy for both the client and employees, as some PC repairs can be completed online, even if the two parties are hundreds of miles apart.

“Being a part of the technology industry, going green is a big deal here at our organization,” said Vivian Borja, Director of Marketing at Geeks On Site. “With so many services conducted online nowadays, a paperless system allows easier management of customers’ real time needs, and also creates a more efficient process for handling accounts. With just the click of a button, everything can be handled in just minutes, if not seconds, creating a smoother process for everyone involved!”

About The Company:
Founded in Miami in 2002, Geeks On Site ( works directly with customers and clients to provide onsite and online computer support. Services include troubleshooting and repair, with the company providing online service or house calls. Geeks On Site also offers several pricing options and monthly membership plans.

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