Japan Flix released Perfect Education: Hong Kong Affair to the North American market on iTunes and XBOX Live. This is the first time the 3rd film in the Perfect Education series has been available to American audiences.

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – New York, NY – Japan Flix, the boutique online Japanese film distributor based in Brooklyn, New York, announced today that the classic 2002 film PERFECT EDUCATION: HONG KONG AFFAIR is available for rental and purchase to U.S. and Canadian audiences for the first time ever on the iTunes Store as of this release and on XBOX Live starting July 23rd.

HONG KONG AFFAIR is the third film in the Japanese exploitation series that garners a cult following across Asia. Each film in the series tells the story of a middle-aged man who kidnaps a young girl and the unexpected relationship that develops between the two.

HONG KONG AFFAIR is the story of the kidnapping of Ai, a Japanese high school girl, by Bo, a Hong Kong taxi driver, during a class trip and the fateful transformation of these two lonely and broken characters.

Starring in the film as the desperate Bo is Tony Ho, Hong Kong Film Award nominee for THE LONGEST SUMMER. Ho has appeared in over 40 Hong Kong films, demonstrating a broad range from the dramatic COLOR OF PAIN and INFERNAL AFFAIRS to the comedic 3-D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY.

Supporting Ho is Kana Ito who plays the beautiful Ai. Ito, former grade school girls’ pop band Nezumikko Club member and model, makes her first ever nude appearance in HONG KONG AFFAIR.

Also notable is the cameo appearance by Naoto Takenaka. Takenaka, a mainstay in Japanese film and television, appearing in nearly 200 works and is recognizable internationally for his role as the bald dancer in the 1996 original SHALL WE DANCE" appears as Ai’s school teacher.

“We are very excited to release this classic film for the first time ever in North America,” stated Japan Flix president, Teruyuki Takayama. “The Perfect Education series is cult classic in Asia not just because of its racy content, but also for its brilliant filmmaking. The cinematography is beautiful, the story is masterfully told, and the acting is impeccable. I’m proud to be sharing it with American viewers.”

View the trailer on the HONG KONG AFFAIR web page on JapanFlix.com (www.japanflix.com/title/perfect-education-hong-kong-affair). Links to HONG KONG AFFAIR on the iTunes Store and XBOX LIVE store can also be found on the film’s page.

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