Early Diagnosis With The POCT HIV Test Kit Saves Lives

The device that is used to test HIV at clinics and hospitals is now available for home use. This kit for HIV test can help to reduce the spread of HIV

Online PR News – 05-June-2010 – – HIV-Test-Kit.com has recently launched an HIV test for home use. Verified by the World Health Organization, this kit can help people diagnose their condition so that they can start taking treatment in time. HIV has already claimed thousands of lives worldwide. Considering this, it makes sense to be pro-active, when it comes to testing HIV. If you show symptoms and suspect that you are affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or if you know someone who might be affected by it, then do not delay. Get an HIV Test Kit.

The virus that causes HIV can spread rapidly. So it is necessary to stop its spread as soon as possible. If you feel that you have been exposed to HIV get the kit and conduct a HIV test at home. The Point of Care Test can determine HIV 1 and 2 and subtype O.

The product offered by HIV-Test-Kit.com is recognized globally and is used at care clinics, hospitals and blood transfusion facilities, places that report HIV affected people.

Sometimes it might be difficult to identify HIV in a person if he suffers from another illness. Actually HIV is not a disease in itself. It is the breakdown of the body’s defense mechanism to fight diseases. So, if you are suffering from flu or cough, it could be that, your body’s natural immunity is powerless because you are affected with HIV. An HIV test can find out the presence of the virus early and a quick diagnosis can increase your chances to lead a long and healthy life.

Another advantage of POCT is that, with the kit for home test, you can do the testing at home. You can buy the kit over the Internet and take the test in privacy. No one will know.

Though HIV test at home is not a substitute for clinical testing, but the test results are reliable. Also, home testing safeguards your family members as well, because if you can know that you are infected, you can take steps to avoid transmission of the disease.

About HIV-Test-Kit.com: This website offers the Point of Care Test, which allows you to test HIV at home. You can buy the kit from the Internet and run the test in the privacy of your home. The POCT has been certified by the World Health Organization.

To learn more about how to do the HIV test at home, please visit the given link.