Progressive Automations Offers Tips on How to Choose the Right Linear Actuators

Progressive Automations would like to announce the proper way to select linear actuator products. As this process involves various factors to consider.

Online PR News – 03-July-2013 – Richmond, British Columbia – Each and every automation project and application is unique, and Progressive Automations offers a wide range of automation products and accessories to suit. Choosing which product a project requires can be tough, so it's important to determine the requirements before any purchase is made.

Automation for Heavy Lifting

It may seem obvious, but it takes some thought about how heavy or how sizable the carriage is. At the top end of the spectrum, Progressive Automations manufactures a line of heavy duty linear actuators, which can be used to lift carriages as heavy as 2,000lbs.

Always match the motion device to the required weight. If the device that's being used can lift thousands of pounds but only requires lifting capabilities of a few hundred pounds, precious energy is being wasted and can increase productivity costs. Conversely, if the device that is being used is right on the limit or just under, the project will have a high likelihood of failure - if not, a guarantee.

Determining Space Requirements

Some projects have very strict space requirements, making mini-linear actuators ideal. When NASA launches a satellite into orbit, it has to take into account every inch of space, because compacting space will mean less weight, and less weight means less fuel needed. Even for those industries not shooting satellites into orbit, projects may require an automation device which need to fit into a relatively small area. These small automation devices are available in stroke sizes up to 24in, and can support up to 150lbs of force.

For projects which require even more space conservation, an even smaller solution may be required. A mini-tube linear actuator can provide the answer. These devices can not only provide a way to save space, but they provide a means of saving on energy too, requiring only approximately 0.20A.

Determining Your Power Needs

There are many considerations when thinking about power, and one of the first ones is voltage requirements. Determining how much voltage will be required for any automation project can be a complex subject with a mathematical equations. Suffice to say that the primary need is to determine if a project requires a device with 12V, 24V or 36V requirements. While Progressive Automation's product line are standard 12V actuators, customization options are available to manufacture a 24V or 36V solution.

Customization Options

Even with the large numbers of automation products out there, there may not be an actuator out there that fits every project. If that's the case, Progressive Automations offers a wide range of customization options for any device in stock. Actuators can be customized according to:
• Stroke size
• Force
• Dimensions
• Mounting holes
• Internal limit switches
• Voltage
• Wired connectors

*not all products can be customized to all specs.

Progressive Automations carries a variety of high-quality DC actuators in stock and has a range of control systems that can convert DC to AC power, allowing a project to be plugged into a standard household outlet. Power customization options also include manufacturing European-style plug-compatible actuators.

Lifting Furniture and Platforms

Ergonomics and productivity are widely known to be heavily linked to any industry that requires repeated motion or long hours of sitting. Empirical research has repeatedly proven this notion to be true. If an industry's automation needs involve creating more comfort and productivity, Progressive Automations has specifically designed multi-purpose table lifts. Four models are available with varying stages and stroke lengths.

There is an actuator out there for all projects and application. By determining the initial requirements, every project will work be better equipped to work the way it's meant to.

Progressive Automations is a worldwide supplier of automation products and accessories.