HyipBox.com Relaunches as an Investment Program Tracking Service for Investors and Monitors Alike

HyipBox is an online investment tracking and advisory service that has reopened its doors after 2 years, during which it also went through transformation and upgrades in the interface and core system which now boasts a new solid monitoring interface.

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – Singapore – Singapore, Singapore ( onlineprnews ) July 1, 2013 - HyipBox is an online investment tracking and monitoring tool that was launched circa 2011 with the intention to provide investors with a wide array of data points and reliable information before they choose to invest in any HYIP program. It has reopened its doors as of 29th June 2013 with new improvements and upgrades, to restablish itself as a key player in the HYIP tracking industry. HYIP or High Yield Investment Programs are online investment opportunities that has been around since the dawn of the internet. It is an unregulated but highly popular mode of investment which makes it a high risk investment option. While impossible to avoid the risks or pitfalls, it is entirely possible to minimize them. This is where hyipbox.com steps in, to provide users with options to diversify their portfolio, so as to not put all their financial eggs in one basket.

HyipBox.com was envisioned by Max Devone, an investment specialist and experienced Forex trader for 5 years and is managed by a team that is highly experienced in the field of online investments and is especially skilled in scouting for profitable investment opportunities. The team is also highly developed in web development, strategizing, and optimizing interfaces, which constantly innovates HyipBox with new features and technologies that improves the interactive features for monitors, members and investors. HyipBox was reborn after closing its doors for two years. This is the period of time where the system was stripped down and redesigned to adopt the Web 3.0 concept as well as provide the same service to mobile users. HyipBox was designed to cater to investors, monitors, and investment program owners alike as it parses tracking data from participating partner monitoring sites and forums.

"HYIPBOX was redesigned from scratch, to integrate a faster interface with a powerful content delivery system. The world of online investment with know HyipBox as a the newcomer on the block that bridges the gap between monitoring systems.", contends the project owner, Max Devone. The industry of online investment is vast, with many programs offering investments in Forex, Stocks, Precious Metals, Bonds, Fuel/Oil, commodities, indices, mutual funds, CDs (Certificate of Deposits), FDs (Fixed Deposits), equity, or even property. So, it's important for the new investor to know which investment program best suits their own pace and budget, so as to not overwhelm and underachieve when it comes to returns on investment.

The new tracking and monitoring interface is packed with broad spectrum features that provides the nitty gritty information such as domain link, investment plans, referral bonus, and monitoring status from partners, for each investment program but further expands into full details mode for more accurate data. Also included are overall site statistics, ROI tracking graph, and latest news or newsletters from each individual program. The site http://www.hyipbox.com parses, indexes, and ranks investment programs side by side so that users will be able to compare, contrast, and discuss the best online investment opportunities.

For more information on how the new system works, visit http://www.hyipbox.com for latest updated hyip news, updates, and statuses.