Pest Control Experts on Pests of Summer in Westlake Village

The pests of summer have infiltrated Southern California, and residents are encouraged to stay on the lookout for these seasonal insects. Westlake Village's Facility Pest Control discusses what bugs will likely invade homes this summer.

Online PR News – 01-July-2013 – WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA – Citizens of Southern California should expect house guests this season. Not East Coast relatives desiring to soak up some California rays, but rather a hoard of insects who flourish in the summer months. The team exterminators at Westlake Village's Facility Pest Control are warning residents to stay wary for the pests of summer.

A variety of insects thrive in the region's comfortable temperatures, but they'd prefer the inside of a kitchen cabinet any day. Facility Pest Control, who also provides Westlake Village bee removal and rodent control, just a few examples of bugs that are frequently discovered inside residences in the summer months.

Oriental Roaches. Frequent nightly visitors of local kitchens, oriental roaches prefer damp, dark environments. The large summer pest is a shiny hue of dark brown or black, and is commonly found in corners of the home associated with water, like showers and sinks.

Ticks. Despite popular thought, ticks don't fall from trees onto their victims. Ticks wait to jump onto their hosts from the tips of grass and shrubs. Residents should regularly inspect family members and pets for this eight legged creature to stop the spread of disease.

Brown Widow Spiders. Unlike its notorious relative the black widow, this spider's venomous bite stays local to the penetrated area and, usually, is not fatal. Nonetheless, citizens should keep an eye out for the brown widow's distinct white spiked egg sack, striped legs and red marked abdomen.

Fleas, ants, crickets, moths, and beetles are also troublesome insects during the warmer months. The pests of summer are numerous, but Facility Pest Control possesses the expertise to exterminate them all. Pest control in Westlake Village and nearby areas is safe and effective with Facility, because environmentally friendly products proven to guard homes from infestation are used by their exterminators. Southern California can trust Facility Pest Control to shield their homes from the pests of summer this year.

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