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Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – Russia – China – After the market shrinking and increasing competition during recent years, the cranes industry leader XCMG china has won the high quality market share in highly competitive environment. On the other hand, the XCMG which website is http://www.xcmgen.com/ has also been not only make their brand scale reach first but also let their products¡¯ quality be widely recognized by their customers. Meanwhile, their leading position in this industry has also been further consolidated.

First, from the perspective of size of the market and the brand continued influence, the xcmg china has quickly been developed from the machine manufacturer which has only the annual output of less than 1000 sets and income was only 400 million to the scale which annual output is 25,000 units and 26 billion income relying on speed and scale of XCMG. The most important is that the XCMG has not only improve their production volume but also enhance their products¡¯ quality in the process of rapid development. Their market share in Chine is more than 50% market share during ten consecutive years. On the other hand, the average market share of XCMG¡¯s products such as XCMG cranes has reached 30% overseas. In Brazil, the market share is about 50% and up to 80% in Central Asia and other countries.

Secondly, the technological innovation of XCMG has also obtained the leading position. The overall number of XCNG crane patented technology has reached 1078 pieces. Since 2000, XCMG has always been the first position in the industry of China, Asia. And then, they have also launched currently two “world first” products which are 3600 tons crawler XCMG crane and 1600 tons all terrain crane. It can be said that the China¡¯s first highest-tech all terrain cranes and crawler cranes were all created by XCMG. In a word, the XCMG is the most important force in the area of China and even the world.

Thirdly, the high quality concept is always the most important concept of the development for XCMG. The quality of the XCMG crane has received unanimously praised by most of users. By the improvement of innovative technology and excellence manufacturing strength, the designation of XCMG product such as XCMG cranes and xcmg wheel loader has reached to the most highly level. The product quality of XCMG has kept with the international level.

However, the successful achievements of XCMG China would be not only depends on the factors which have been listed before but also due to many other factors. The effort of human¡¯s intelligence and workforce would be the core reason for the success.

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