Capital Group One Inc. Enters Web Safety Partnership

To combat risks due to hackers and other potential security breaches via the web, Capital Group One Inc. is allying with other industry players in an internet safety block program.

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – London – The move was to extend the company's perfect track record of keeping client and corporate data safe. By sharing generic internet traffic data patterns with other companies with high security websites, malicious activity can be identified more easily. At no time does any client personal or financial data become available to partner firms.

By analyzing the nature and source of data sent to the block member websites, a list of safe requesters is compiled. All future requests are compared to the safety list which is constantly being expanded and re-checked. When a request from a potentially malicious source is received, it is blocked, traced and notification of the attempt is sent to the authorities and the partners in the block so they know to suspect the dangerous source.

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