has launched - a service which fakes the phone number when calling or sending SMS

A new unique service has launched - allows you to play pranks on your friends and acquaintances as well as celebrities by changing your phone number when you make calls or send SMS

Online PR News – 02-July-2013 – United Kingdom, London – allows you to mask your phone number when making calls or sending text messages. You can indicate any number as your ID and it will show up on the screen of the person receiving the call. If this number is stored in the address book of the call recipient, then the name of that contact person will show up when the call or SMS is received. When sending SMS, you can write any number in the Sender field or even enter text.

Besides the main function of masking your number, there are also some advanced features on which can make for more interesting pranks for you to play on your acquaintances and friends:

• a voice modifier can change the pitch of your voice during the call, so that the recipient cannot recognize you.
• a background noise function (sounds of the sea, night club or airport noise etc.) can also be used during the call.
• there is also the possibility to record the phone conversation and share it on social networks.

“During the private presentation, a few journalists expressed the fear that could turn out to be a real curse. Essentially, no one can longer be 100% sure that the call they are receiving is from the number that is showing up on the screen of their phone,” said the representative of the service Anton Kubikov, “Did the husband receive a call from his mistress, or was that simply his wife checking up on him? Was that the owner of the company calling the accountant with a request to transfer money, or was that a crook of some kind? This potential of the product caused shockwaves among Apple employees and they have prohibited the app from being available on the AppStore. But we insist that the service is completely harmless because our developers have provided for protection from attempts to misuse it in this way.”

At the moment, preparations are under way to make the service available to the public. The first 3000 users to register at will get the opportunity to make a free phone call. The service is set to launch in July this year. Any mobile phone user can utilize the service by placing the order for a call through the home page - There are also applications for iOS and Android, which will be available after the public launch at for Android phones and Cydia for jailbroken phones running iOS.