2010 World Cup Social Media Marketing Strategies Produce Winning Bracket

World Cup Social Media marketing strategy and Social Media networking for business are creating huge interest and the campaigns shared in this bracket are scoring big.

Online PR News – 05-June-2010 – – The World Cup™ will begin June 11th 2010 but research has already revealed a successful start for Social Media marketing strategies being employed by businesses to expand their Internet presence. Uniquely designed strategies that include applications involving Facebook, Twitter, live Blogs and YouTube social networking for business. The goal of each Social networking strategy is to connect these businesses with World Cup™ fans by leveraging this events far reaching popularity.

Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing solutions and Market Research analysis will be monitoring several of these Social Media marketing campaigns and is publishing a series of press releases and articles to report on them. Press releases and articles containing brackets featuring groups of Social Media marketing 'contestants' along with brief information to support the reasons they stand out. At the conclusion of this research the eight campaigns designated by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing as the leaders in each group will be formally announced.

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What follows is a list representing choices for the second bracket in the Irbtrax 'Social Media World Wide Cup'(1) market research promotion.

Bracket 2 contestants:

ESPN and their 24/7 World Cup™ social media related coverage. Includes Blogs, live fantasy games and a multitude of contests that promise winners cash prizes. Irbtrax feels that ESPN has a natural advantage due to a multi media marketing effort that's supported by strong 'in house' television, radio, print and Internet affiliations.


Adidas and their graphically impressive 'The Quest' Facebook fan page which states "-we're not just out to entertain you, we'll make you a better footballer as well." Irbtrax notes that Adidas also happens to be a Sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Powerade and their multiple World Cup™ YouTube promotions. Which promise "16 short films that will take you inside a player's inner thoughts." Powerade appears to be strategically linking outdoor football (Soccer in North America) and the need for hydration.


The Wikitude World Cup™ mobile media application. Where they "want you to create your own cool World!" to share with businesses and friends. According to Irbtrax an interesting application that appears to be overshadowed by a lack of visibility.


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