MI Auto Times Giving Away iPad in Facebook ‘Like’ Contest

MI Auto Times has announced a contest with one easy way to enter. Simply become a fan of MI Auto Times on Facebook by clicking the ‘Like’ button and be automatically entered to win.

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – – MI Auto Times has perhaps the shortest inroad to winning an iPad. Contestants don’t have to make a video devising some complicated project meant to save the environment, or plead their case to MI Auto Times explaining why they are most deserving of receiving a free iPad, or submit photos of them making iPad-inspired art. No entry forms requiring your e-mail address either.
MI Auto Times is giving away an iPad through a much simpler route: two clicks. Here’s how it works:
How to enter the contest
Step 1: Click this link: “Like us”
Step 2: Click “Like”
That’s it. MI Auto Times will randomly choose the winner and announce the results on Facebook 8/1/2010.
Is it a shameless attempt of MI Auto Times to get more friends and fans? The answer is yes and no. And the reason why is not shameful at all. MI Auto Times knows it has a great news service for Michigan readers and the wider audience at large. MI Auto Times wanted a contest that would not only give people a chance to win a great product, but also one that would lead them to an important news source with relevant information to their daily lives.
MI Auto Times knows time is not always free-flowing and would not want to jeopardize anyone’s time by posting news content on its website that failed to inform, entertain, or engage its audiences. Likewise, MI Auto Times will not hold a contest that would be a waste of readers’ time.
The MI Auto Times iPad Contest also reflects how MI Auto Times likes to keep things simple in all of its operations. Here are a few examples:
MI Auto Times does it simply example No. 1
MI Auto Times brings its readers vehicle comparisons, minus the fluff, to give the straight facts and make it easier for car and truck buyers to make a better buying decision.
MI Auto Times does it simply example No. 2
MI Auto Times gives readers the facts and fast. Helpful graphics and videos give readers the big picture when they’re short on time, like the time line MI Auto Times created on the demise of the Mercury brand. Plus, MI Auto Times is iPad ready, so the MI Auto Times website is fully functional and displays beautifully on an iPad.
MI Auto Times does it simply example No. 3
MI Auto Times wants readers to know the best and worst Michigan locations from which to buy cars and trucks. The MI Auto Times Visitor Dealership Ratings tool makes it fast and easy to leave comments about a positive or negative buying experience.
To learn more about the MI Auto Times iPad contest on Facebook, or to learn more about how MI Auto Times is working hard for its Michigan audience, visit http://www.miautotimes.com
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