Sugar Beans is Proud to Announce its New "Smocked Like Me" Clothing Line

Sugar Beans is proud to announce its new "Smocked Like Me" Clothing line--designed especially for children of color.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – June 28, 2013 Birmingham/Alabama – SUGAR BEANS


Sugar Beans is Proud to Announce its “Smocked Like Me” Clothing Line, which is Designed to Emphasize the Free-Spirit and Diversity of Our Children

June 28, 2013 – Birmingham / AL – Sugar Beans is a name caked in love and the embracement of modern sensibilities. As American diversity continues to expand, our children must be allowed to grow up in a world that embraces them for who they are. Their own uniqueness is the core idea behind Sugar Beans, as all of our products are handcrafted with care that perfectly captures the sweet, free-spirit in every child! Our new “Smocked Like Me” line is the “old” meets the “new,” providing a new twist on classic children's clothing.

The idea for Sugar Beans was inspired through my experiences in shopping for my first child. In seemingly all of the specialty boutiques that I visited, I noticed plenty of great designs and outfits. But there was just one problem - all of them featured characters with European features—blond hair and blue eyes and while beautiful, this did not represent my daughter. “Would my Sugar Bean notice?” I thought to myself. “Would she come to think of this image as the ideal?” I did not make a purchase that day, and instead, decided I would work diligently to create a host of my own designs with children of color in mind.

Our “Smocked Like Me” clothing line is guaranteed to delight the imagination and sensibilities of your child. Taking classical characters, such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, and transforming them into a more ethnic appearance, this clothing line represents an important social change. Children of color will now be able to see themselves as the ideal image! A sense of pride in one's self-image can translate into multiple benefits, including increased self-confidence and pride.

Sugar Beans is not just limited to the “Smocked Like Me” clothing line. It truly has something for everyone, as it includes an array of products for all of the cutest little Beans out there! Our Baby, Girls, Boys, and Accessories products are colorful and made with the utmost care. Once you see our products, all of which are available on, you'll instantly recognize their appeal. And best of all, most of our products are customizable, with both Monogram and Embroidery Personalization options available! Shop today and see why everything is designed with YOU in mind.

About Sugar Beans

Sugar Beans is a privately owned clothing-line that sells all of its products online at Its endearing name is the result of “Nana,” the owner's real-life Southern Belle mother who referred to all of her grandchildren as her little “sugar beans.” With products designed to represent the joy in seeing our little ones sprout up, Sugar Beans is continuing to contribute to a more socially-conscious environment.


Mia Fravel