Los Gatos, CA: Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Shown To Delay Aging Of The Skin

Skin ages only one year over an eight year period in a study with FotoFacial-Age Delay™ treatments, says dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Los Gatos, CA – Los Gatos, CA - Recent studies show that FotoFacial-Age Delay™ treatments not only improve the skin’s appearance, but go beyond skin rejuvenation by actually delaying aging of the skin and changing the function of the skin cells, according to Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. who is internationally known for co-developing the original FotoFacial skin treatment.

“FotoFacial-Age Delay™ is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth for delaying skin aging,” says Dr. Bitter. One study, conducted over an eight year period by Dr. Bitter shows that annual FotoFacial Age Delay treatments resulted in skin that showed only one year of aging over an eight year span of time. “The treatment uses ‘broad band’ light’, which is known to be effective for reversing the signs of aging,” says Dr. Bitter. A recent TV news story appeared on KGO 7 News - San Francisco.

The study included women in Dr. Bitter’s practice who received at least one FotoFacial- Age Delay™ treatment annually and who had not received any other laser treatments or cosmetic surgery. Skin care regimens varied among the women. The study was reviewed by dermatologists who were blinded to any treatments the women underwent. Photos were taken in a way that ensured that the doctor’s assessments would be based solely on the women’s skin appearance and would not be swayed by other typical signs of aging such as graying hair, explains Dr. Bitter.

The women who participated had no other laser treatments performed during the eight year study and underwent no other cosmetic surgeries during the entire period. The women had no consistent skin care regimen and, based on each woman’s skin type each received annual or biannual FotoFacial-Age Delay™ treatments,

The doctors were shown before and after pictures of the women and were asked to estimate the amount of time that had passed between the photos. "The doctors' evaluations stated that only one year had passed between the before and after pictures when actually eight years had passed," says Dr. Bitter.
According to the study, FotoFacial-Age Delay™ treatment results included an overall improvement in skin appearance, reduction in skin laxity and increased firmness. Signs of skin aging including spots, lines, sagging and visible sun damage were also reversed.

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About Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.
Dr. Bitter is an internationally known dermatologist, educator and researcher and co-developer of the original FotoFacial skin treatment. He is in private practice in Los Gatos, CA.

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