Search Engine Marketing For Small Business: Tips for Higher Conversion Rate

SEO Internet marketing firm provides Search Engine marketing tips for small business to help maximize on site conversion rates based on testing and analysis.

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – – SEO Internet marketing firm provides Search Engine marketing tips for small business to help maximize on site conversion rates. Each of these Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques are based on leading practice SEO methods and applicable to websites indexed in Google Caffeine, Yahoo and Bing.

These Search Engine marketing tips are being provided by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing. Using a unique combination of organic White Hat onsite and offsite SEO SEM practices Irbtrax has been able to consistently achieve high page ranking and Internet visibility for its clients. To contact Irbtrax to learn how your business can gain page ranking or wider Internet visibility view their website attached below the 'Media' section of this release or visit:

- Include clear and concise content that answers the questions first time visitors are known to ask. Questions such as what a company does and how it does it better. This information should be incorporated in the first two paragraphs of the website's landing page. The failure of a website to address key questions will cause visitors to exit and seek their answers from the competition.

- Incorporate subtle selling points or qualified benefit when applicable. An example of a selling point would be an offer or guarantee. An example of a qualified benefit would be an average return on investment or actual results produced. Information that offers promises without results that support it can be perceived as having no substance.

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- Website content should be relevant to a site's theme, products or services. Minimize or avoid content that doesn’t relate to the businesses niche. Unnecessary and unrelated information can be distracting. The inclusion of high density advanced flash graphics, pop-ups and other bandwidth consuming features can delay access to information and cause visitors to back click real quick.

- Analyze and improve Site/page download times. Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will back click off the website and visit the competition. Resulting in poor conversion rates and lost leads. Many searches are now being done by smart phones and other small screen wireless technology which have Internet connections similar to 56K dial up services. Tests have also shown that the website's main selling points can become impossible to find due to small screen limitations resulting in a high bounce rate and low time on site.

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- Update key website content on a regular basis. If a site has a highly visible Blog and the last entry is two months old it will appear as if the business is being neglected. A neglected website does not yield a good first impression.

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