Best SOG Knives officially announces the launch of their new website

Best SOG Knives officially announces the launch of their new website

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Mars, PA – SOG Knives are extraordinary tools that can be used for many different purposes. Wikipedia states, "The SOG knife was designed for, and issued to, covert Studies and Observation Group personnel during the Vietnam War." This clarifies that SOG Knives was created to provide many uses; they can be a great tool for cutting wood, meat, leather, ropes and can be used as an effective weapon when needed. All of these functionalities make SOG knives great for people who go camping or lead outdoorsy lives. There is a huge variety of SOG knives out there, each with their own pros and cons; Best SOG Knives has officially launched a new website which will inform people about the different types of SOG Knives and the best choice for them.

For the ease of their visitors Best SOG Knife has created a one-of-a-kind interactive chart that displays all the specifications visitors might need to make an informed decision, this will allow the visitors to save time and be able to make an informed choice through comparing the knives . The website also features Best SOG Knife's top ten picks among the various SOG Knives available on the website. Among the most popular and high quality knives are the SOG Trident Knives. The SOG Trident derives its name from the three pronged spear used by fishermen back in the day, it may no longer have the infamous 3 prongs but it's still a highly useful, lightweight, foldable and dependable pocket knife making them still a tool for fishermen even now. The Trident features a variety of options to choose from with different blades, finishes, price ranges etc.

SOG Flash Knives the also a great choice among SOG Knives, these knives deploy in a flash and lock up tightly with SOG's unique piston locking system. This knife is ideal for simple everyday carry, or in the tool box of men and women who save lives daily. It is important to take care of SOG knives so they can stay sharp and be useful for a long time.

Not all SOG knives are created equal and there is no one knife that fits all, people who are planning to buy a SOG knife should take into consideration the different factors including the feel of the knife in one's hand, if it matches one's personality and the money they are willing to pay. Best SOG Knives contains all the information any visitor would need to make the perfect choice.

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