Plumbers Marketing Positioning Strategy Beats Recession Hit Competitors

Plumbers Marketing Positioning Strategy Beats Recession Hit Competitors. Inquiries

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – – The UK is set to get harder to acquire new business when the Conservative budget arrives. With public spending looking to be cut, Plumbers are going to have a hard time finding new customers. As the public sector work dries up

a stampede of plumbing contractors will be scurrying to get every new domestic customer they can. Competition will be fierce. In order for a plumber to rise above the rest he must be positioned as the expert choice for the new type of
educated buyer. The customer must feel that they have made the decision to buy and not to have been sold. This is done through careful positioning of the plumbing company through Edward Green Marketing. EGM has just opened the door on a new service for Plumbers called " The Plumbers Marketing Positioning Strategy"

This new positioning strategy will give plumbers the ability to outsell their competitors before they know what's hit them. It is the first ever Plumbers Marketing Positioning Strategy of its kind to offer the opportunity of totally dominating the local competition and becoming the chosen expert in their industry.

One of the companies who have prevoiusly used the positioning strategy, B&M Plumbing of London said "When we first heard about the system, we knew it was going to be good for us. Even through the recession we have grown by another 4 vans and 6 full time staff. Edward Green Marketing has a great understanding of the plumbing industry and working with them was a dream. We are very pleased with our results".

Edward Green, Director of EGM says "We are in a position to take another 5 companies on as clients. "We offer the Plumbers Marketing Positioning Strategy to plumbers that want to dominate their competition and make it impossible for a potential customer to book elsewhere". This positioning system is totally unique in the plumbing industry. We have been supplying it to small businesses with great success and have been for over 10 years now.

For more information contact Edward Green at EGM on 01727 856244 / 07968 503887 or visit Plumbers Marketing Systems!