Young 21st Century Female Entrepreneur Release Summer's Newest *it* Book!

There May be a new type of woman in the 21st Century and Heidie Woods may be her . . . playing the game we call life, like a pro -her journey is exhilarating, entertaining and an example of the new woman that is emerging.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Vancouver, British Columbia – Too often people do not want to face the truth. Heidie Woods not only faces the truth in her new novel The Truth Don’t Hate the Player, Love the Game, she takes her truths, no matter how explicit, or taboo they may seem, and turns them into the reality she’s dreamed of.

A non-fiction journey from love to heartbreak while striking deals –that don’t always pan out- to finding where her true self belongs, all within the span of one year. The journey Heidie has taken, and so eloquently portrays through her storytelling, spans numerous cities throughout the world and just as many characters –each of which hold their own purpose.

The Truth Don’t Hate the Player, Love the Game is a journey full of twists and turns, raw lust, sexuality and drama; it will keep any reader on the edge of their seat wanting . . . no, needing to know what happens next. We all take a journey while we are here and some of us are not willing to face the many truths that are our reality –Heidie faces hers full on and while many of us are ashamed or embarrassed of the steps we’ve needed to take to get to where we need to be, Heidie fully acknowledges them for what they are –part of the journey. Leaving a fiancé in Berlin, living in Marseille with NOTHING –not even a passport, making her way home, finding herself immersed in the world of sugar daddy dating . . . she did what she needed to do to survive. Heidie did what was necessary for her own self to thrive.

Available on Amazon for Kindle as of 25 June 2013, The Truth Don’t Hate the Player, Love the Game, is available NOW!

The Truth Don’t Hate the Player, Love the Game is a raw, uncut journey of a 21st century woman weaving her way throughout the world to find her true meaning . . . we are all looking for our true meaning and Heidie demonstrates that to find our true meaning we need to acknowledge our realities –whether they are ‘up to par’ with what society expects of us

Perhaps, there is a new woman emerging in our society- the woman who doesn’t care what society thinks and is willing to play with the boys- will to do what is necessary to achieve success.
Heidie Woods may be a model of the new 21st Century woman; Her novel, The Truth Don’t Hate the Player Love the Game, is a testament that love, lust, sex, money, travel, and the unexpected are all players in the game.