Now Provides Social Media Management Services for Better Branding
06/29/2013 now provides social media management services to bring clientele’s brands closer to millions of social network sites users. The SEO company explains the limitless potential of social media and the services it provides.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Pittsburgh, PA – [June 28, 2013] –, one of the leading SEO companiestoday, now provides social media management services to help clients increase their online exposure and boost their branding. The SEO company can now help clients make their mark on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It also adds that social media can help clients improve their search engine rankings.

Building Stronger Fan Base

Inboundaddicts.comrealizes the strong potential of social media to bring businesses closer to consumers. Behind the company’s motivation in offering this service is the ever-growing number of social network users around the world. explains that social media have been more accessible today more than ever because of the boom of tablet computers and smartphones.

The SEO company saw the transformation of social networks from a venue to stay connected with others to a strong marketplace. Its expertise in online marketing allowed the company to develop strategies to introduce businesses in social media and keep consumers glued to the brand.Inboundaddicts.comknows that posting fresh content and engaging users constantly is the key to own social media sites, which most clients do not have the luxury of time to do. The company could take care of its clientele’s account and do all these basic activities. This can make the client’s brand popular among users and service the needs of its consumers real-time.

Incorporating Social Media and Client Website can optimize the client’s social network page and make sure it is in line with their website.This can ensure all information in both the client’s website and social media pages are correct and consistent to avoid confusion and potential loss of sales.The company has the necessary tools to monitor the progress of the campaign and provide regular reports to clients.