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Latest Trends and Key Issues in the UK Retail Packaging Market – The outlook for primary packaging and outers to 2017 is a detailed industry report providing comprehensive analysis of the emerging trends and opportunities in the UK packaging market.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Dallas, Texas – Although the UK packaging industry is set for moderate growth between 2012 and 2017 – with packs increasing at a CAGR of 2.01% - this overall picture of moderate growth hides volatility in the market, according to new research released by leading consumer specialist Canadean: Latest Trends and Key Issues in the UK Retail Packaging Market. This is due to the fact that macro-economic trends, demographic trends, and new shopping behaviors are driving long term changes in the material and type of packaging in demand. This is seeing a significant increase in the demand for more convenient and cheaper packaging in new product categories.

Evolving Food Culture: Evolving Packaging Market
One of the key drivers in evolving consumer behavior highlighted by Canadean is the evolution of Britain’s food culture, as an older, more diverse, and well-travelled population drive demand in new product categories. Whilst this is predominantly taking place at the margins of consumer markets – usually in cosmopolitan areas – it still influences a significant volume of food and drink.
Thus, food packaging must evolve in tandem with the evolution of food culture – for example, some consumers are more interested in the preservation of flavors and presentation offered by Prepared Meal packaging, rather than simply straightforward convenience.

Multicultural Britain: Multicultural Food
Britain’s multicultural heritage and widespread opportunities for travel mean that its population is exposed to, and has developed a taste for, a wide range of food and beverages. This in turn means there is demand for a wide range of packaging solutions to meet the varying needs of a vast range of product categories.

A prime example of this is the rapid growth in global demand for sushi, which provided a unique set of packaging challenges: packaging needed to comply with the food safety regulations whilst ensuring neat presentation and highlighting the product’s freshness. As the UK packaging market moves forwards, businesses must remain receptive to the shifting demands of the market as dictated by the ever-evolving food culture.

Key Features and Benefits

- Comprehensive coverage of the key consumer trends affecting the CPG market. Markets covered include alcoholic drinks, food, health and beauty, home improvement, household care, non-alcoholic drinks, pet care, and tobacco and tobacco products
- Detailed analysis of each packaging material providing detailed break up including pack types, closures, and outers.
- Provides key manufacturing and innovation trends in the packaging industry.
- Highlights the key regulatory framework governing the UK packaging industry.
- Overview of the competitive landscape in the UK packaging industry including key players in each of the packaging material segments and major deals.