Free-Standing Waterfalls Introduced In Three New Sizes

Three new Sizes of free-standing waterfalls have been introduced to the fountain market. These new sizes have been integrated into the ready to ship stock line of products for quick delivery.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Las Vegas, NV – The three new models are the Harmony River, Tranquil River and Grander River. An array of material choices are available enabling potential purchasers to select the particular combination of colors and materials that will suit their decor style.

Floor-standing waterfalls provide an array of benefits that make them appropriate and versatile in a variety of settings. The self-contained design enables them to be set-up and re-positioned as needed, because they do not need to be bolted or permanently secured to a floor or building structure in order to operate. Once set-up, all that is required is that they be filled with water and plugged into a nearby electrical outlet.

These new items have similarities in style, options and manufacture quality. The only difference between them three is in the sizing available. Each size has been given a specific name to differentiate it and make it memorable from the others.

Exalted Fountains, Llc is offering these new free-standing waterfalls in response to consumer demand. Originating in the summer of 2000, Exalted Fountains, Llc has been providing water fountains to businesses and individuals for over 13 years. Many years of experience has enabled Exalted Fountains, Llc to offer the finest quality products on the market at competitive prices.

One of the things that has enabled Exalted Fountains, Llc to stand the test of time in the marketplace is the importance the company puts on individual customer service and quality products.

Many companies continually strive to discount prices by sacrificing quality, providing imitation items or adding extra fees onto shipping charges after you order; such as truck lift gates, carrier notification of delivery and others. They do this in order to gain an advantage in the marketplace by creating the illusion of obtaining something for less then it's true worth.

Exalted Fountains, Llc has taken the opposite approach to this type of marketing. They uphold a fair and reasonable price for a quality product, avoid hidden charges, offer true coupons that are not added onto the retail pricing. Their philosophy is that paying more for a quality product is more cost effective and provides more consumer satisfaction then a less costly inferior product. They also maintain that the consumer is intelligent enough to realize what they are paying for and does not deserve to be tricked by underhanded sales tactics during an informed purchase.

In addition to the free standing water features available there is also the opportunity to expand decor choices into additional areas. These areas include wall fountains, table fountains, as well as the ever popular and admired traditional garden fountain varieties.

To view the new fountain styles and see whether a free-standing waterfall will fit into your environment visit Exalted Fountains. Browse through a fountain catalog and order products online which can be delivered to your business or residence.