New plumbing company opens in the Seattle metro area of Washington state.

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Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Hanford – Tired of taking cold showers or just not enough hot water to operate normally?Your hot water tank could be failing.The average life span of a hot water tank is 10 years. Call us today and we will send a knowledgeable technician out to inspect your tank and provide you with a free plumbing estimate.There are many new technologies available in todays market to upgrade and save you energy which willSAVE YOU MONEY!Our plumbers know how to make it right.Many older homes have corroded galvanized and cast iron pipes that are failing. Not only is it unsanitary when these old joints begin to fail and leak, but unhealthy to the occupant using the system.No job is too big or too small.Our plumbers have cut out thousands of old plumbing systems replacing water pipe with Wirsbo AquaPEX and waste piping with ABS or PVC.