Maya Works Partners Up with Talented Groups of Artisans to Produce their High Value Products

All in all, Maya Works has partnered with a number of 125 women in total. These women are from different indigenous groups that reside in Guatemala’s central highlands.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Chicago, IL 60622, IL – June, 2013 – All in all, Maya Works has partnered with a number of 125 women in total. These women are from different indigenous groups that reside in Guatemala’s central highlands. These expert artisans are generally divided into two – the Cakchiquel Maya and the Tz’utujil Maya. 70% of the total number s from the severely impoverished and isolated areas within Solola and Chimaltenango. The income that they receive from producing the handmade fair trade products of Maya Works enables them to sustain a feasible life for their families. In total, $2 million has already been garnered from their hard work and the sum went directly to their use. Through their income as well as some microloans, their areas have been given the opportunity to build small enterprises, get Spanish literacy classes, not to mention some developmental growth trainings for personal, professional and technical aspects.

The women that produce the handmade products are grouped with their respective location and each has their own strengths. For the Agua Caliente, which has eight participating women, they are greatly skilled in the creation of hand-woven fabrics with the use of treadle foot and back strap looms. They exhibit their creativity by incorporating indigenous designs in making contemporary pieces. Meanwhile, the Xetonox are known for being true hard workers, even doing work that is basically meant for men. Apart from making beautifully hand crafted fabric, their specialty also involves making handmade Christmas ornaments with the use of recycled cornhusk. There a total of six artisans from this location. Next, are the women of Tzanjuyu. There are eight artisans in the group that are able to take on the most complex sewing structures. Apart from that, they are able to utilize the use of back strap looms and even weave wide fabrics that measure up to 36”.

The chixot on the other hand, are comprised of nine women and three men. They are very competent at creating bags and other accessories as well as baby products. They handle sewing really well and use over lock machine when products with dense fabrics are involved. Another group is the San Marcos La Laguna. With 3 men and 30 women artisans, they specialize in crocheted items. They are able to pay great attention to every detail when crocheting items like yarmulkes or baby products. Last but not the least is the Santiago Atitlan. With 52 women and 10 men, they have the most number of artisans of all the groups. They have a wide range of specialties which scope from treadle foot loom weaving to beading and crocheting. They exert a great deal of patience whilst doing their work, enabling them to work on every detail and finish high quality products. They have the creativity to come up with new and original designs and they have the skill to execute them properly.

With such talented individuals working for Maya Works, there is just no doubt that they can provide the best fair trade gifts, jewelry and other remarkable products. Apart from being of high quality, these products have a significant value given to the great skill and effort put into their creation.

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