Increase in the Capacity of Mataaf By 2015

Thousand of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah every year and many of them left behind in waiting list. So, the Saudi Government increases the capacity of Mataaf by 2015 so that everyone can perform their Hajj and Umrah.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – United Kingdom – Muslims from across the globe travel to Makkah each year for the purpose of Hajj. The numbers of the Pilgrims have been growing ever since ever. Millions of Muslims travel across from the globe to Makkah and their foremost preference is always to be the first to be near to the Kaaba and perform Tawaaf around it to the nearest possible distance. This flocking of Muslims Pilgrims not only shows the passion for the performance of Tawaaf but on the other hand has also been making it difficult for the management in the Saudi Arabia to make it possible for all the pilgrims perform the religious activities with complete safety and security and with complete ease.
To make it easy and simple for the pilgrims the plan has been developed to increase the area of the Mataaf to accommodate the capacity of 105,000 pilgrims per hour as compared to the present capacity of 48,000. The project is said to be completed by October 2015 and would increase the capacity of worshipers to 2.5 million people. According to the details of the project the number of the pillars erected in the Grand Mosque would be reduced by 44% according to the news. The project also includes the expansion in the area of Masaa (the running space between Safaa and Marwaa hillocks).
Efforts are underway to increase the space for the pilgrims on a temporary basis from 22,000 to 35,000 because of the expected influx of pilgrims during Ramadan as the work would be suspended during that time and would resume immediately as it ends. The process of construction will be halted again during the time of Hajj. To ease the performance of Saei for the pilgrims, the temporary basement floor is also under construction for Mataaf that is ten meters wide. The third phase will begin after the end of Hajj in 2013 and would complete by the end of the year.