Blinds UK Introduces Child Safety Devices For Its Products For The First Time Online
06/04/2010 introduces for the first time in the UK online environment information on child safety.

Online PR News – 04-June-2010 – UK – introduces for the first time in the UK online environment information on child safety together with specialized mechanisms for its products. Present on the blinds retail market for years, Blinds UK is an online blinds retailer offering window blinds in numerous styles together with quality information concerning their operation and special features.

Since child safety is an issue of great concern for home owners as well as for manufacturers of household items, the blinds industry has manifested interest and has taken action with regards to child safety by devising a series of child safety mechanisms meant to enhance the level of safety of window treatments as well as a series of recommendations regarding the correct use of these items in spaces with children. Diminishing the risks of accidental strangulation, easy break chain connectors are devices which make ##--1--## safer as the operation cord will be considerably shorter, out of the reach of children and should pressure be applied, the mechanism will release the chain. In the case of aluminium, pvc and
##--2--## in venetian format cord cleats are generally the answer, as the control cords are no longer reachable by children, since they are tightly wrapped around the device. One of the most common safety solution devised for ##--3--## is the tie down clips which keeps the chain tidy along the wall, preventing children from having easy access to it.

In an effort to provide valuable information with regards to the installation, operation and general features of each of its products, has featured special categories within the product page where customers can now find out information on the correct measuring, operation as well as the most suitable child safety device to use in combination with most of the products available on the website.

Blinds UK has a long standing tradition in the online environment and is well known for always trying to provide customers not only with a wide diversity of quality window treatments at affordable prices but also with information on the functional aspects of each of the products.

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