MSG2EML Converter Functional Without Outlook Installation

The handout has been published to make readers aware about the ability of MSG2EML Converter tool which lets users perform conversion of data using the MSG to EML Converter without Outlook installation.

Online PR News – 28-June-2013 – Florida, FL – Gothenburg, Sweden, June 28, 2013: - One of the tremendously acclaimed software developing organizations amongst user group has come forward to inform readers about the MSG2EML Converter application technique which permits conversion to be performed without Outlook. Basically, the technique which is being talked about in the following segment allows users of the MSG to EML Converter application be capable of carrying out MSG to EML switchover without even Outlook installed on the respective system.

Most third party applications; according to surveys, are dependent on other applications for functioning smoothly. And thus it is a very big attribute to be pointed out via this handout regarding the respective application. Meanwhile, launch of this application was also based on a user query that was caught on a popular forum page that generated hype amongst developers. Allegan, the respective Lab Team Director was quoted as giving the following statement: “We have never been into the development of application for our own good but only for user satisfaction or directly favoring their needs. Similarly, MSG2EML Converter application has been developed to offer the needful users with the kind of solution they were looking for to export MSG to EML format for making their Outlook data versatile. EML files are versatile enough to be accessed over more than one email client due to the acceptability it owns from a number of email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. Hence, a user was quite particular about having a technical solution make the conversion possible for him. And thus, the MSG2EML Converter came into existence.” For more information, please visit:

The respective application is designed to work without Outlook client installation as well because it came into notice via most number of surveys that users take backups of their Outlook data in the form of MSG files. Hence, availability of Outlook client on the systems of most users isn’t possible which gave rise to the idea of creating MSG to EML Converter tool in such a way that it also functions without Outlook.

Meanwhile, Evan Swans, the respective Director of Product Development said the following about this technique: “Running the application to switch data from MSG to that of EML format directory is made possible without Outlook installation needed on the respective system. This is because a lot of users, who take backups in the form of MSG for their Outlook data, do not keep Outlook client on their systems. Hence, we made sure that if such users also want; can convert their data from MSG format to EML without even having Outlook client availability on their system. In addition to that, the MSG2EML Converter is also available as a convert MSG to EML free trial version that lets users take a glance at its functionalities and features prior to purchase.” For more information, please visit: