New Website Launch Brand for Inspiring Fashion Designers accesing Asian Market

New Website Launch Brand to Provide Young Inspiring Fashion Designers Access to Asian Market

Online PR News – 28-June-2013 – London/UK – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


New Website Launch Brand to Provide Young Inspiring Fashion Designers Access to Asian Market

June 27, 2013--- A new website will soon premiere that is to provide young and inspiring fashion designers access to the Asian Market. BaoShiBao Ltd. was established in 2012 with the vision to provide fabulous and fashionable Asian women with a cutting-edge, designer shopping experience, sourced from the most energetic and on-trend cities in Europe. The website mission is to give customers the opportunity to discover experience and purchase city-specific styles and trends from local designers, in one streamlined service.

The collection ranges from established local brands to rare, bespoke artisans. Though diverse in look, quality materials and workmanship are always a priority in the selection of designers. For those living outside of Europe, it can be very difficult to source these incredibly talented designers who express a specific and unique point of view in their vision of beauty and fashion. Through BaoSheBao, they hope to provide customers the opportunity to experience those unique, city-specific brands and trends like natives.

“Each of our cities has a specific vibe and story; a personality which is reflected, created and transformed every day by the people living in the city,” says the team of BaoSheBao. BaoSheBao will bring Europe closer to Asia, providing a place where customers can exchange aesthetics and experiences. Distances become smaller. The world emerges from the hum-drum of the mainstream to become the extraordinary, fun and exciting place everyone hoped it could be.

“Every individual who lives a day in our cities leaves their mark. They also take a little piece of the city into their own personality and style. Every customer of BaoSheBao will be able to do the same. We, the founders of BaoShiBao Ltd., understand the desire to be unique and special. We hope BaoSheBao can help women to shed their "uniforms" in favor of chic, playful and expressive outfits. Every woman's personality is beautiful, unique and special and fashion is our favorite way to show the world,” say the founders of BaoSheBao. For more information, visit