40k Gamer Clan, Vigilia Mortis, Q&A with Eternal Crusade's own Miguel Caron and Brent Ellison.

Warhammer 40k Gaming Clan, Vigilia Mortis, had a chance to ask 40k Eternal Crusade Studio Head Miguel Caron, and Lead Designer Brent Ellison a few questions. Some new information released including General design, art direction, mechanics, and customization!

Online PR News – 28-June-2013 – Montreal, QC – Vigilia Mortis is proud to share a Q&A session with Miguel Caron, and Brent Ellison of Behavior Interactive with our fellow 40k enthusiasts! We have received our answers back from our Chapter Q&A, first I want to thank Brent and Miguel for all their hard work and taking the time out of their day to work with us fans and answer our questions!

Guild Questions:

Q: There was mention that multiple players could band together to form a strike cruiser-like "guild hall" Is there a limit to how many players can collaborate in this fashion? For instance, if a gaming group has 100+ members, would their vessel be more akin to a battle barge, or would the smaller vessel accommodate enough personal quarters to facilitate the entire group? Would there be a "disbanding" mechanism if a player chose to leave the ship/chapter?

The plan at the moment is that small groups of players can form Battle Squads with their own space, but Battle Squads can join Strike Forces made up of many Battle Squads. In addition to keeping their own space, the Battle Squad have access to the Strike Force’s space. As in the lore, Strike Forces have their own Strike Cruiser. These spaces have customization elements and trophy display options, as well as potentially other things.

It’s still a bit early for us to nail down size details and other mechanics for managing these structures, but we’re currently thinking 2-10 players in a Battle Squad and ~10 Battle Squads in a Strike Force. As with most community features, however, this is all pending actual player testing and feedback.

Q: You've mentioned squad sizes of 10 players, could we please get some clarification on how this will work with large player guilds , will it be a set up similar to Planetside 2 where multiple Guild squads are linked together so they can communicate and take objectives?

Oops, I kind of addressed this above, but yes, it’s our intention. We want Strike Forces to have some way to form even larger structures as well.

Q: Do you plan to have any guild features in game such as custom banners, custom symbols etc?

Yes – and we are aiming to get details sorted about this feature well before beta so people can start making them!

Army Questions:

Q: Are Dark Angels the confirmed Chapter for the Space Marine faction?

They are A confirmed chapter, but there will be more than one at launch!

Q: In a few of the interviews, Orks were mentioned specifically in regards to their funny mannerisms; their humiliating executions being the main example used. My question is: Will orks be portrayed (once again) as just a joke race? Or will they be brutal, visceral and sometimes scary as they should be, with humorous stuff on the side?

They’re not a joke race at all - our goal is to make them fun for the people playing them and terrifying for everyone else. We want players to identify with their characters and form communities so we’re doing everything we can to make Ork players proud to fight for the Waaagh!

Q. Do you have any plans to add the 4 factions walkers ( Drednought,Wraith knight etc..) and if so would they be player controlled or NPC.s that may be called in by high ranking players ?

We want to have them – but it’s a bit too early to confirm them for launch.

Q: The 40k universe is full of unique and amazing vehicles. Do you plan to have player controlled vehicles in the game? Such as Predator tanks and Thunderhawks?

There will definitely be vehicles – they’re a required part of the Warhammer 40,000 experience. We’re still in the evaluation phase on flyers though.

Q: How will you be representing the different Eldar Aspect Warriors, are they each seperate classes, or will your character be able to "spec" into a specific Aspect?

The most iconic Aspect Warriors will be there but (and sorry to say this again) it’s too early to say too much about the Eldar class design – trust that we’ll be making every effort to allow Eldar players to be the iconic characters they want though!

Q: Will there be healing/support classes in the game?

Yes, but our classes are based more on multiplayer action/FPS classes than the usual MMORPG trinity. Healing & support actions are tools for these classes to make tactical decisions or recover from dangerous situations rather than the only thing they do – expect them to spend most of their time shooting and fighting like the rest!

Customization Questions:

Q: How far will customization and the general fleshing out of a character go? You said that there would be an enormous amount of customization, but as far as chapters, warbands, and craftworlds go how will that work? Will a player be able to have a Goff Ork, Biel-tan Eldar, or Black Legion Choas Marine, or will it be one specific union of each race? ON that note, what Hive Fleet will the Tyranids be, a pre-established one, or something new?

We’re still testing how far we can push customization – at the moment we have to juggle three things:

· How many players we want to be able to display onscreen at once

· Readability of enemy players

· Adherence to chapter color schemes & other features

All of these affect the extent to which a player can customize their appearance. Of course, in the spirit of the game we want to have lots of options – we just don’t have the final details on how it will work yet and to what extent it should be tied to specific upgrades.

As for the Tyranid Hive Fleet – we can’t say just yet!

Q: Will we be able to customize our characters besides their armor? As in facial features and such. Planetside 2 was extremely disappointing in that regard.

We’re aiming to include facial customization so you can stride around with your helmet off, but it’s not finalized yet.

Q: Most MMO's these days depend on item rarity to determine things such as damage and stats. Which in turn ends up to separate new players from more veteran ones. Can we expect Eternal Crusade to keep to the mainstream design in terms of itemization, or will there be other things in place to differentiate my bolter from yours?

Since Eternal Crusade is a PvP-focused game, our goal is to have progression (both from XP and itemization) be as horizontal as possible. Thus you’ll be getting more tactical capability and increasing specialization rather than pure power gain whenever possible. Anything that is clearly more powerful will be limited in some other regard.

Customization of your builds is a key part of this game, so expect to be able to heavily tweak both your player capabilities and your weapons to suit the situation.

Game Atmosphere:

Q: Probably the most important aspect to many fans of the 40k universe is the dark dystopian setting, where as most MMO's out there on the market are somewhat cartooney and whimsical. In Eternal Crusade will you be utilising the very grim dark theme or will you be opening up the game somewhat to a more casual and perhaps younger audience?

As far as we’re concerned, the 40k universe deserves the full grim & dark treatment! This is a game for the fans, so expect things to be gritty and bloody all the way.

General Questions:

Q: Will you be attending any game events soon such as Gamescom, Warhammer Gamesday etc?

Yes – expect details closer to the dates of upcoming events.

Q: Is the ammo infinite, or will there be a set amount of ammo to force melee and tense low ammunition moments?

Ammo will definitely be a factor in the game. Running out and having to rely on your chainsword or combat knife is a key emotional experience!

-Brent, Lead Designer

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