Veteran Trainer Bob Heifler Offers Alternative to Expensive Software and Programming of MS Access

20 year veteran in Microsoft Access Training Bob Heifler, from Los Angeles, has a simple solution to high cost business software and programming.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – Los Angeles, California June 27, 2013 – A recent Spiceworks survey showed a 30% increase in software costs in the first half of 2013.

Less than 5 percent of typical Microsoft custom business software design requires professional level programming. 95 percent consists of simple common development tasks not requiring expensive profession fees.

Now 20 year veteran Microsoft Access Trainer Bob Heifler, from Los Angeles, has a simple solution.

Bob explains his unique approach, “A business owner or employee can do most of the development tasks themselves after short live personal training sessions using remote screen sharing and phone … Here’s an example, learn and drill how to make a data entry form's pick list in about 20 minutes by watching trainer’s computer screen, then drill the procedure by doing it on screen yourself while trainer watches and talks you through when needed. That example would save hundreds of dollars alone and that does not include your time writing out where the 20 pick lists should be placed and what data should be displayed in each.”

Most online instructor lead training does not even allow the use of the student's own database during training sessions. When students finish a class, those students are still left to start working with no personal guidance.

About Bob Heifler
Bob Heifler has delivered expert Microsoft Access Training for over two decades saving Los Angeles business on unnecessary high software development costs.