Waterfront Solicitors LLP Deal With Case Of Unjustified Patent Infringement Threats

Waterfront Solicitors LLP deal with unjustified threats of patent infringement and offers advice on how to deal with alleged infringement after successfully protecting a client.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – London – Waterfront Solicitors LLP dealt with a case of patent infringement to protect its client. Waterfront Solicitors took action to successfully protect its client, a leading manufacturer or hair products, SDL Hair Limited, from unjustified threats of patent infringement.

The London-based law firm received a ruling from the Court just four months as a result of their swift action after directions were ordered.

A leading competitor issued unjustified threats of infringement to SDL Limited, which can cause serious damage to a business. The Law Commission notes on Patents, Trade Marks and Design Rights: Groundless Threats state that;
“Disputes relating to patents, trade marks and design rights are widely viewed as expensive, complicated and best avoided."

There is currently legislation in place to protect companies from the damaging effects of unjustified threats of patent infringement due to the harm it can cause on a business.

SDL Limited received letters from a competitor stating that SDL products infringed their patent. At Court the Judge agreed that the letters received by SDL were unjustified threats alleging that the products sold by SDL infringed its patent, leaving SDL to deal with other issues involving the products.

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