Leawo Software Shares Region Free DVD Player Software

Leawo Software shares with DVD lovers the world's best region free DVD player software to play DVDs from any region, without any limitation and cost. The player could even be upgraded to a region free Blu-ray player for totally free.

Online PR News – 28-June-2013 – Shenzhen, China, June 27, 2013 – Leawo Software, renowned multimedia solution developer and provider, today shares with DVD buffs the world's best region free DVD player software. That's indeed the thrilling news for those wanting to play DVD movies on personal computer regardless of region code. People will no longer be bothered with changing computer DVD drive's region frequently, or even using up the limited times to adjust DVD-drive region codes. Besides, this highly acclaimed region free DVD player could be upgraded to region free Blu-ray player software for totally free.

Most commercial DVDs use encryption that keeps them locked to one or more region codes. So discs bought from other regions or countries are unable to be played on local DVD player. Some people choose to change the region code of DVD drive to watch DVD movies from other regions freely, while some opt to take ways to make computer DVD drive region free. But the pity is the region code switching times are limited, and making computer DVD drive region free is a rather complex and hard task for those computer novices. Under such an occasion, the world's best region free DVD player software from Leawo finally comes to the stage, aiming to help people watch any region-coded and CSS-encrypted DVD movies with computer DVD drive.

While the region-free DVD player programs are a dime a dozen right now, the one coming from Leawo is still the unique region free DVD player that wins more than 50,000 thumbs-up from DVD buffs. It has ever been tested by 50,000 users during its one-month-long beta test and ever received 95 percent favorable comments. Highly acclaimed as the best multi region DVD player to beat, it could play back DVD discs, no matter which country or region released or from on computer without any limitation. It combines the first-rate decryption tech to make DVD discs region free. It even enhances with the latest decrypting tech to get the latest DVD releases like Iron Man 3, Skyfall, Fast & Furious 6 unprotected by region codes for unlimited DVD playback.

Besides its unsurpassable power to play DVDs in all region codes, this best-reviewed DVD media player could even perform as a region-free Blu-ray player to play back Blu-ray discs from various regions. Beyond that, it provides permanent free service to play up to 1080p HD videos, common video and audio in a wide range of formats. It even supports the most popular DTS5.1 soundtrack to bring people the cinema-like sound effect, and enables people to choose desired subtitles and audio tracks for far better movie enjoyment at home. Indeed it is far beyond a region free DVD player to enhance people's daily media enjoyment to the extreme.

Price and Availability:
Everyone could download Leawo region free DVD player from CNET, and apply it to make DVD discs region free with ZERO cost. However, for people who want to take advantage of it to play Blu-ray discs from various regions freely, $59.95 should be paid. Thankfully, Leawo now benefits worldwide people with an appetizing Leawo Blu-ray Player giveaway party. People could join in this grand activity to upgrade their region free DVD player to full-featured region free Blu-ray player software for totally free.

About Leawo Software
Leawo Software is an enterprise with a long standing reputation on developing and providing the very best multimedia solutions to worldwide media fans. The software provider now shares with DVD buffs the world's best region free DVD player software, which could be upgraded to region free Blu-ray player for totally free. For more information on Leawo region free Blu-ray player giveaway, please visit http://www.leawo.com/promotion/new-products/blu-ray-player.html.

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