New Action-Packed Science Fiction Horror Thriller Classic ‘The Space and Time Experiments’ Released

A new novel that contains two high quality mind-boggling action-packed thriller novels, and pioneering contributions to modern action thrillers.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – United States – United States, June 27, 2013 -- A new potential blockbuster science fiction horror action thriller, ‘The Space and Time Experiments’ ,which goes beyond the boundaries of space and time is released by science fiction author author V Bertolaccini. This novel contains two high quality mind-boggling action-packed thriller novels, and pioneering contributions to modern action thrillers!In ‘The Alien Artifact 2’ explorers uncover a fifteen-mile alien artifact from beyond the universe after it has been buried away for millions of years on a desolate Pacific island, in an immense crater, with a monstrous devil-like alien entity inside, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy.

In ‘The Alien Artifact 3 (Part I and Part II)’ a newly invented voyager explores the deepest depths of space, and leaves space and time when it encounters one of the deadliest menaces of all creation, hidden away in a colossal void since the dawn of time. And on a world in the depths of a new minding-bending universe encounter another of the deadliest menaces in existence, which travels in time and has supernatural origins.

'The Alien Artifact 3' is a high quality action-packed novel of explorers encountering mind-bending aliens/entities from beyond the boundaries of space and time, and an encounter with a deadly alien artifact of supernatural origins! A voyager is created and launched to explore the deepest depths of the universe, and in the depths of a colossal void explorers encounter something of unknown origins that has been hidden away there since the dawn of creation. A hideous devil-like presence starts killing them to get the voyager, which it could use to destroy the universe, and they leave space and time to escape. A mind-bending trip through the outer universe hurtles them out of a colossal black hole at the center of space and into a new mind-bending universe, where phenomena of unknown origins exists everywhere. In its depths they encounter something of mind-blowing origins hidden away on a mysterious world since the dawn of time when they trace a strange energy source to something, and discover new mind-bending phenomena everywhere, and find far more than they bargained for when they discover it is of supernatural origins.

Book Details
Paperback: 426 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (June 6, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1490371907
ISBN-13: 978-1490371900

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About Author Bertolaccini:
A science fiction author, science fiction inventor, futurist, who received multiple independent reviews of his work, famous for his unique classic mind-bending beyond space and time, alien artifact, and exploration themed science fiction, who did his first mind-boggling science fiction classic From Beyond Space And Time in 1998 – who likes and writes 21st century potential blockbusters, headline action thrillers, amazing movie-style science fiction, horror, and treasure adventures – with explorations, alien artifacts (alien artifacts from beyond space and time), alien creatures/life forms/entities, alternative universes, voyages beyond universe, cosmic exploration, situations descending beyond all parallel circumstances, desolate haunted places, discoveries of entities (entities beyond the universe), magical beings, matter transference, and mind-bending discoveries.

He started by writing considerably and professionally for 11 years, including doing articles and short stories, and, after collecting and cherishing major outstanding classics, and movies, throughout his life, he wrote novels. Thus after writing From Beyond Space and Time he soon wrote The Black Hole Experiments, which he later conclusively shortened and included the 2nd half of From Beyond Space and Time (which he had been going to make into a novel but had written it as the 2nd half of From Beyond Space and Time – as it had a greater potential in the novel
and as a short story), and followed them up with his 3rd novel The Haunting of Grovnor Castle.

Victor Bertolaccini
United States