ChiroSpring Introduces Advanced Mobility into its Electronic Chiropractic Software with Cloud Access

ChiroSpring is a complete EHR software stored and accessed in a cloud-computing environment. Rather than the software being stored and operated on just a single specified computer, ChiroSpring is fully accessible and securely operated from any Internet-connected computer.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – Davenport, IA – ChiroSpring, the highly intuitive and innovative chiropractic software from IntuiSoft Technologies, now features the integration of advanced mobility into its paperless chiropractic software. ChiroSpring customers now have the option of accessing the full range of their practice data from nearly any internet-connected device around the world.

“Chiropractors know that their practices aren’t simply a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. business,” said Brian Albery, CEO of ChiroSpring. “Our chiropractic partners need practice information at their disposal 24 hours a day, wherever they might be. ChiroSpring is designed by chiropractors, so we know how critical mobile access is to the success of their business. If that’s what chiropractors need, that’s exactly what ChiroSpring provides.”

Doctors leveraging ChiroSpring’s mobile capability can connect to their practice’s cloud server from nearly any Internet-connected computer. The ChiroSpring website,, suggests that this unique mobile capability will offer chiropractic professionals a myriad of benefits. These benefits are reinforced by the company’s CEO.

“Doctors who previously spent their evenings completing charts in the office can now do so from the comfort of their own home,” Dr. Albery said. “These same doctors can check their daily calendar appointments the next day before driving all the way into the office. If they need to cancel or reschedule a patient appointment, they can even remotely access a patient’s contact information, all from the most convenient location. Whenever, wherever – that’s ChiroSpring.”
Advantages ChiroSpring’s cloud EHR delivers

* Reduced Costs – Save money on unnecessary computer hardware purchases that are required with client/server software. Stop paying a third party to back up and secure your patient files. ChiroSpring does that for you automatically at no extra charge.
* Fast Installation – With ChiroSpring, software installation takes minutes, not hours. You can have your practice up and running in no time.
* Any Time, Anywhere – Access your software and patient files at any time from any computer in the world.
* Security – Your practice’s data files are stored and transmitted with maximum safety in mind. ChiroSpring securely stores and transmits data utilizing encryption technology to ensure full HIPAA compliancy.
* Automatic Data Backup – Your files are encrypted and stored in multiple locations separated by hundreds of miles. Your data will remain safely available, even if your practice suffers an instance of computer failure, flood, fire, or natural disaster. With ChiroSpring, even your backups are backed-up!
* Always Updated – Software updates are made available to everyone instantly. Your practice can receive no-hassle program updates in seconds.
* Less Staff Training – With cloud-based software, ChiroSpring will work exactly the same on every computer, every time. Virtually eliminate the learning curve by providing an easy, consistent experience every time you use the program.
* Increased Staff Productivity – Chiropractors and their staff members should focus on treating patients, not troubleshooting computer networks. With cloud computing, chiropractic staff can spend less time connecting, troubleshooting, and maintaining the office technology, and more time focusing on the health and wellness of patients.

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