HealthQuest Launches Convenient Complimentary Analysis for Older Patients

: HealthQuest offering complimentary analysis for older patients to assess and modify risk factors to help them achieve an improved mobile life.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – Brooklyn, NY – HealthQuest, a leading multi-specialty healthcare facility in Brooklyn, New York has rolled out a convenient complimentary analysis service exclusively for older patients. This slip and fall prevention program is meant to assess and modify risk factors of ambulation and help the elderly enhance their mobility for a more active lifestyle.

This program is an ideal option for people over the age of 65 who have experienced falls or have a risk of falling. People with lower extremity weakness or are experiencing balancing issues can also benefit from this complimentary analysis.

This program consists of two parts: assessment and conditioning. An expert team of physical therapists and physicians first carefully analyze the risk factors related to falls, taking into account the possibilities of falls or fall-related injuries. This includes measures to

• Determine if the person is at risk to fall
• Identify the factors responsible for the risk
• Modify these risk factors
• Enhance mobility
• Maintain independence

In addition to an evaluation of present medical status, information is collected on health history. A comprehensive medical review is then performed. The specialists then design a suitable exercise program to improve strength and balance. Patients carefully follow the recommended instructions to obtain optimal results.

This program also features a safety assessment which involves checks to see whether the home environment is conducive to freedom of movement. Suggestions are offered to eliminate personal hazards and balance life style for greater mobility via proper gait analysis, gait training, exercise, specialized physical therapy, and more.

Small slips or falls may lead to serious health issues affecting the mobility and independence of older people. HealthQuest’s slip and fall prevention program is a commendable effort to analyze these risk factors and implement measures to minimize them.

Individuals wishing to enroll in this program would need to provide a doctor's referral based on increase risk due to age, history, medication changes, muscle changes, degenerative joint disease, post arthoplasty or osteoporosis.

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