Ireland Introduces Changes to Immigration Regulations with the Aim to Attract Business

The Irish government has announced easing of employment requirements to help employers get access to skilled non-EEA (European Economic Area) candidates with the aim of becoming Europe’s internet capital.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – Sunnyvale, CA – (Sunnyvale, CA) - The IT sector is expected to benefit the most from this move, says Nair & Co. which provides Global HR services for companies setting up foreign operations. Ireland has introduced a number of changes including increased number of occupations eligible under the green card scheme, lowered employment parameters for intercompany transferees, simplifying labour market tests and reducing the requirements of supporting documents.

Key Highlights: New Irish Immigration Rules

* New provisions are applicable for employment permit applications submitted on or after April 10, 2013.

* Concerning work permits for certain positions, the minimum salary limit has been decreased from €30,000 to €27,000.

* In case of an intercompany transferee availing work permit, the foreign national must be employed by the respective foreign entity for a minimum of six months. This limit has been lowered from the existing one year limit.

* Non-EEA nationals will now be eligible for a newly introduced benefit. They can now change to a work permit or green card in case they have a one year intercompany transfer permit or a service contract-based permit.

* The Highly Skilled Occupations list has been widened to include more occupations especially from the IT sector. The list contains occupations which qualify as “highly skilled” under Ireland’s green card employment permit program.

* Applicants awaiting interviews for positions on the Highly Skilled Occupation list can now stay in the country till their employment permit applications are being processed.

* The Labour market test parameters for employers that requires advertising openings with the Department of Social Protection for eight weeks (previously) has now been lowered to two weeks.

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