Phil Cook & Adam Piotrowski Launch CHALKSY, The Interpersonal Education Platform

Inspired entrepreneurs Phil Cook and Adam Piotrowski launch a new one-to-one distance education platform that will allow teachers to teach and learners to learn anything from anywhere.

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – 27 - June - 2013 London UK – Deep sky blue and tangelo orange hues are the contrasting colours peppering Chalksy’s website; a new type of marketplace focusing in on the joys of learning and sharing that launched in late June 2013.

This user orientated company works to an innovative idea struck by co-founders Phil Cook and Adam Piotrowski, a twosome inspired to design and create an online space that connects teachers with expertise in any subject or practice to those aiming to learn their craft. Using voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) to connect Chalksy users in real time communication the UK startup is aiming to be the site of choice for those in need of one-to-one tuition in anything from languages to professional computer softwares.

Phil Cook CEO of Chalksy said, ‘These are exciting times, we’ve worked really hard on both the concept and the site and we are happy with the results. We love the fact that Chalksy offers anybody with the knowledge and the passion for any worldly or unworldly subject the opportunity, the access, to teach their expertise to an online learning community that is experiencing continual growth’.

What Chalksy does will have genuine global allure because teaching and learning are practices that span all corners, they are commemorated, decorated and remembered in different ways by different cultures. In opening up new opportunities for learning to new demographics, Chalksy replace the restricting timetables and spatial constraints that ail all levels of educational institution and harness the omnipresence of the Internet to invite teachers and students to generate mutual timetables that can be shaped around family, work and social commitments.
Phil and Adam’s background is an ideal blend of business and education - Phil has formally studied as well as being a practitioner of Business for over 5 years whilst Adam has worked in primary schools and universities over the last 6 alongside studying Communication and Media. With both enjoying their individual successes thus far the duo are nicely positioned and well versed in the territories that should make their coming together something noteworthy.

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