New social website which offers blogs, surveys, online books, fan page, games and more.

Create a fan page, blogs, surveys and online books. Download free games or participate in server games. Sell items using the PM2 online market. PM2 takes the best of social websites and combines it all into one website.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – Fort Myers, FL – PMME2.COM, is a socially fun website for those looking to meet and hangout with other people online. Want to list something for sell? or Could it be you're looking for that special someone, new friends, popularity, group fun or maybe you just want to blog, create surveys or write online books? PMME2.COM, is the most fun social website on the internet!

- Features -

- Website Market for items you want to list for sell

- Blog creation interface useable by those with no html/xhtml experience

- Survey creation interface

- E-Book creation interface for creating online books

- Manage your own personal forum called, "My Threads", where you have control

- Edit your own personal Fan Page, using your own artwork

- Detailed Member Bio creation let others know who you are

- Create photo galleries (family safe or explicit) with access control

- Create video galleries

- Unique Community MMORPG like Guild structure for Guild competition

- Unique Server Games, which require no download or installation software

- Earn Community, Member and Guild Points from Server Games

- Member LPM rooms for a more live like chat experience with other Members

- See how others view you with the unique Prestige Rating sytem

- Free downloadable content and content purchased with Member, Guild and Community Points.

- More than twenty Community Forums

- Member, Thread and Member Directory search features

- Keep track of your favorate member by subscribing to them