Sunguard® Introduces New “SolarREFLECTIVE™” Interior Windshield Cover

Sunguard® Introduces New “SolarREFLECTIVE™” Interior Windshield Cover
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Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – Palm Springs, CA – In their 30th year in business, Sunguard® has invented a new Sun Screen that attaches to the INTERIOR of your windshield. There’s no installation necessary, and you can mount it literally in seconds. You don’t need a ladder or any tools, and you don’t have to go outside to attach it. They’re made of a new type of “Aluminized SolarScreen”. It reflects the heat rays back out of your windshield so quickly that the heat does not have a chance to reside on the glass long enough to heat it up, so the windshield cools down. At the same time it blocks out a whopping 94% of the sun’s heat, light and harmful ultraviolet rays. It will lower your interior temperature by up to 35 degrees. It’ll keep your dash from cracking and your seats from fading, plus, you can “see-out” but “not-in”.
Since 1983, Sunguard® has led the industry with their exterior Windshield Covers that block out the heat, light and harmful UV rays. The draw back to their exterior shades is that you need a ladder to install them, they’re exposed to the outdoor elements, and you need to install fasteners to the exterior of your RV using a drill. The beauty of their new SolarREFLECTIVE Interior Windshield Covers is that they attach to the inside of your windshield in seconds with high quality, UV-treated suction cups, so there’s no need to go outside to install them, and you don’t need a ladder or any tools.
A lot of their customers already own their exterior Sunguards, and they’re ordering their new interior Sunguard® as well. They like having both types. Because sometimes, it’s inconvenient to install the exterior Sunguard®, and their new interior Sunguard® is so much easier to use, because it goes up in seconds, on the inside of your RV.
RV Toy Store®, known for their industry low prices and exceptional customer service has priced them at $179.95; however, since it’s a brand new product, for a limited time introduction period, they are offering them at half-price, so the entire set is just $89.95 while supplies last.
At RV Toy Store®, your satisfaction is always assured by their strong service policies; (1) a "Quality Guarantee"—which extends 90 days beyond each manufacturer's warranty; (2) a "30-Day Return Privilege"—no questions asked; and (3) "Guaranteed Industry Low Prices"—or the difference refunded up to 30-Days after your purchase!
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