Michela Michieli Shares Her OBI - A Human Graphic Interpretation of Business

Michela Michieli, a Digital Marketing Consultant shares an original analysis of Marketing and Business Activities. Looking at Companies as if they were Human Beings help/allow them to grow up in a proper way.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – Milan, Italy – Looking at Companies as if they were Human Beings that need to breath, to think, to walk, that wish to touch the world help/allow them to grow up in a proper way. Reading “Obi Concept”and looking at the “Company’s Human Graphic Interpretation” can help understanding which activities need to be develop to achieve best results and business Goals. Obi has a head, a hearth, a Soul. And a Body.

OBI HEAD: Marketing & Business are the “head” of a Company. Without a Good Business Model and an Effective Marketing Strategy a Company is like a man without the head. It’s fundamental to Analyze Market and Competitors, to Define a good Business Model, to Write a realistic Business Plan and to Plan effective Marketing Activities.

OBI HEARTH: The Brand of a Company is its “heart.” It’s important to take good care of it. Nobody will trust a person without a heart. A Company without a clear Value Proposition, a precise Brand Image and strong Brand Positioning is like a man with a weak heart. For this reason is essential to define Values and Brand Promise as much as Brand Positioning and Brand Identity, to Write Rules and Guidelines to respect the Company Image.

Company’s Human Graphic Interpretation

OBI SOUL: What about the “soul” of a Company today? The Soul of a Company today should be international business Development. If a Company knows how to move in this new world it will find on his street much more chances of ten years ago. There are no borders anymore: it is fundamental to Develop a Worldwide Strategy, to Find New Markets for Products/Services and to Develop an International Reseller Network or an E.Commerce. A good way to start understanding markets is to Open Blogs in Target Countries Languages and Make an International Pr Campaigns with the aim to Start Exporting Services and Products. The world reacts to “international call to action”: facebook.com/michelamichieli0. The project has been realized in one month with a very low budget, with the aim to Develop a cross cultural environment around Beauty, Art and Creativity.

OBI ARMS: Media, Sales Force and Customers are the “arms” of a Company, touchpoints to explore market and “reality”. Media are the “left arm” of a Company, the one that help the “right arm” (Sales Force and Best Customers) to accomplish their job of “word of mouth” in a powerful way. A Company that doesn’t know how to interact with Media Channels or how to build a memorable presence in Events and in the real life of people is like a man without an arm (he can’t exploit opportunities). What about the Right Arm of a Company? A Company that doesn’t know how to speak with his potential costumers and how to build a good Selling Strategy for the Sale Force is like a man without an arm (but the right one). It is fundamental to take care about it: Planning a Strategy that the Selling Force can easily use to sell products, training the Sale Force and Producing the right Marketing Materials.

OBI BODY: An Enterprise that doesn’t use Technological Resources today and doesn’t build his presence online with attention and competence is like a man that can’t use the main functions of his body to survive. Fundamental to plan an effective presence in the Web, to Design a Main Web Site/Platform, to Write Good Contents and to Develop Web Sites. As much as to think about Security and Back End Management, Testing Platforms and Improving Ranking in Google through SEO&SEM Strategy.

OBI LEGS: A Company that doesn’t implement Digital and Social Network Activities is like a man that can’t run fast in these days anymore. The most cost-effective and consistent platforms for customer interaction today is the internet. Without a strong online presence and an effective digital strategy, business that not keep up with technology tend to fall behind the competition. It is crucial to develop a Reputation Online. Social Media have to be exploited in the right way. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Pinterest have the potentiality to spread messages all over the world. Learning how to use them is crucial, also to Increase the Ranking of your Website. As much as exploiting Google Ads and Analytics opportunities, Digital Pr Platforms power, blogging and Microblogging potential. A company should also Find Viral Concepts to spread his Brand/Hearth in the Network. Search Marketing Activities, Social Media Management and Viral Marketing are the keywords of success.

"To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act! Cit." Alfred A Montapert.

To receive the OBI Infographic in Full Resolution please contact me@michelamichieli.com.

About Michaela Michieli:
Michela Michieli, Half Italian half French, has studied Architecture and Communication Science (Marketing Focus).
She has been working in the marketing field for over ten years as a Marketing Manager or as Free Lance Consultant, developing a wide experience in business and marketing planning and in traditional and interactive communication management.

Her first aim is to find a strong, consistent and efficient concept and integrate it coherently through each media, with a strong focus on new digital channels, and to measure results and reacting quickly to market feedback and innovations.

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