Stories about different topics of Islam seek to teach children moral lessons and Islamic history.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – Union City, California – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Union City, CA

Parents often face the question on how to teach their children good morals through reading. The Islamic Educational and Cultural Research Center (IECRC) is launching a series of books for children ages 4-10 that answer such situations. The first book tells the story of the famous Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani and his trip to Baghdad. He encounters bandits who rob his caravan and encounter the Saint Abdul Jilani. Through honesty and obedience to his pious mother, Saint Adbul Qadir Jilani makes the robbers regret their crimes and return people’s stolen property.

In the second book, the story of the Saint Faridudeen Mas’ud Chisti, famously know as Baba Farid, is told. In the story, Saint Baba Farid is a young boy who receives a symbolic blessing due to his prayers. By publishing short stories about Islamic history and how pious predecessors acted, IECRC seeks to pass moral lessons to children. Parents can give the books to their children or read the stories to them, such as the case of bedtime stories.

Christian Garcia, who helped in the process of translating the book says, “In previous generations, moral lessons were passed down from generation to generation. With the True Stories of the Friend of Almighty Allah series children can read stories like those passed down to their parents in a format that captivates their attention from a tablet or cell phone.”

The first two books of the series: The Boy Who Always Spoke the Truth and The Boy Who Prayed are available at Amazon in their Kindle format.. The rest of the series will be published in the near future.

About the IECRC

The California-based Islamic Educational and Cultural Research Center's mission is to promote spirituality through education, research, and counseling based on the centuries old Islamic traditional values of the Awliyah (Saints of the Islamic Tradition) — love, tolerance, peace, and harmony. You can visit the IECRC’s website at
For more information about the True Stories of the Friend of Almighty Allah series, please visit or contact Naveed Qadri at (510) 732-6786.