Affiliate HD Webinar Reveals New Techniques to Build a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

FREE Affiliate HD webinar presented by Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush Inc. presents an opportunity to learn new and effective ways for marketers to build a profitable business with affiliate marketing even if they have no list, and no reputation.

Online PR News – 26-June-2013 – London, UK – Jason Fladlien will be hosting a new webinar on affiliate marketing on Tuesday 25 June. A replay of this webinar will be available for a very limited time afterwards.

During this webinar Jason Fladlien will again be sharing some of the techniques that helped him and his Rapid Crush Inc. business partner, Wilson Mattos earn $254,081.50 in just seven (7) days from a single affiliate marketing campaign.

Naturally, there is no promise that attendees of this webinar will be able to perform this feat themselves. However, the Rapid Crush Inc. duo are confident that those following the techniques that they teach (some of which are surprisingly easy) will help them to earn more with affiliate marketing.

Jason Fladlien has strong views regarding why most individuals who attempt affiliate marketing make little or no money:

“If you have tried and failed to make it as an affiliate marketer, it is likely because you tried what everyone else teaches... those are the old ways that simply do not work anymore.”

The generation of over $250,000 in seven (7) days is just one of several campaigns that they have participated in. They’ve been able to consistently achieve outstanding results in the affiliate marketing campaigns that they’ve been involved in. This has convinced them that affiliate marketing really can be a viable business model, even for those new to affiliate marketing and individuals who haven’t got a large mailing list.

During this webinar Jason Fladlien will present The "Big Picture" Of Affiliate Marketing In 2013 and:

~ How changes that some of the big players in the Internet marketing space will have an adverse impact on affiliate marketing and what affiliate marketers can do to counteract the impact of these changes.

~ The surprisingly easy techniques that made Rapid Crush Inc. over $250,000 in pure affiliate profit in just seven (7) days.

~ The big game plan that affiliate marketers can and should implement as soon as possible after the training to generate affiliate commissions.

~ How to pick a super-profitable niche and affiliate promotion ahead of time.

~ How you can profit from Facebook's poor IPO performance and the Google+/Apple/Amazon war.

In addition, Jason Fladlien is convinced that his strategies will work even for individuals who are not well-known or a recognized “maven” in their field as Jay Abraham might say.

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This webinar serves as an introduction to Rapid Crush Inc. new 12-week, highly interactive affiliate marketing coaching program called Affiliate HD. This course is designed to not only teach individuals how to profit from affiliate marketing in the short and medium term but how to create a viable business complete with an exit strategy.

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